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What is your favorite STYLE of beer?

Asked by rojo (24159points) March 27th, 2012

Not looking for any particular brand of beer, just the type or style:
This is a helpful chart of all the various styles.
And, just for grins, indicate where you grew up.

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belgian style wheat ale

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I was born in Norfolk, VA but left when I could. I grew up in Sussex, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; Corfu, Greece and then Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California. I guess I’m a child of the world.

I like bock beers, stouts such as Guinness, and craft beers. Some of the Samuel Adams beers are good. I’d just as soon drink bottled water as something like Coors. It’s hard to tell the difference, except in the price.

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I like dark, thick beers. The blacker, the better. According to this chart, I like American Strong Ales and Foreign Stouts.

I love beers like Arrogant Bastard, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, and Guinness Extra Stout.

I’m from the American South.

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@rojo Thanks for the chart link. Very informative. I’ve got to try some Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. Two great loves in one bottle.

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I like Porters.

My favorite is the Rapid City Firehouse Brewing Company Strong Arm Porter.

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Trappist beers. They’re all ales. Lately I’ve been sticking with one brand called Chimay.

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@ETpro I absolutely love the Youngs Double Chocolate. But, beware, it is what I call a dessert beer, very sweet and filling. A great end to a great meal.

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As a beer geek and homebrewer, my style preference changes. Currently I’ve been on an IPA and double IPA kick.

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Oh yes and I’m from San Diego, Ca. The truth is, I like all beers :) Depends where I’m at. My day time beer is the belgian style wheat ale spiced or light lagers. Night time I feel more adventurous and enjoy stouts. Also with spicy foods I love stouts. With all other foods non spicy, a nice Corona will do. For just enjoying myself whenever Pabst Blue Ribbon is fine, but also can really enjoy a nice gold pale ale.

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@rojo Thanks. I will definitely sample it as a desert beverage.

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I couldn’t read the finer print on the chart to see where my favorite fell exactly. It’s Pilsner Urquell. (not sure of the spelling)

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@Sunny2 See if your mouse pointer has a + mark. If so, click the image and it enlarges for much easier reading.

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@whitecarnations look for Lightning brewery in good beer stores. Jim the owner is going against the trend of making huge double IPAS and makes a fantastic pilsner and wheat beer. But his porter is what is really top class.

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I like Guinness occasionally and I used to love pale ale though you don’t see it so much nowadays.

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Belgian style, typically Trappist. I grew up in Colorado and currently live in the Netherlands.

@flutherother Where do you live? In the PNW, all you see is Pale Ales.

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Hmm tough call…

It’s a tie between IPA and stout.

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I like amber ales such as Bass and IPAs.

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Root Beer! I’m not a beer drinker!

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I don’t drink that much these days but I’m definitely more of an ale type of person. I also like alot of german beers, wheat beers and especially Belgian White. It is very rare that I drink American style lager beers.

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…STYLE of beer?


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When I was in Alaska I drank Kodiak Nut Brown Ale. It was close to Guinness in color and was just a little sweeter.

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That graphic is fantastic! And the beer I was going to say is on there! Rauchbiers are probably my favorite right now. That’s a beer where the barley is smoked before it’s fermented… the flavor is amazing. A Schenkerla is the one I was going to mention, and it’s actually in the graphic. So cool!

I also like farmhouse ales and pilsners.

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@Haleth I’ve never tried Rauchbiers. Sounds like something I’d enjoy. Thanks for the tip.

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I like most beers, and live near an excellent microbrewery that brews a scotch ale to die for. Dark, chocolately, frothy and filling. I also like lighter beers like Corona, Pacifica,Tsing Tao and Stella Artois. (sp?) I was joking in the grocery store the other night with a fellow beer buyer, I had quite the international collection going on. Mexican, Chinese, French. ;-)

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@Haleth GA, Rauchbiers are awesome. Like bacon in a brew.

My favorite style is Scotch Ale, specifically Innis & Gunn.

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I like my new hard apple cider.

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