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What do you lose more often than you care to admit?

Asked by philosopher (9165points) April 1st, 2012

In my case I put my glasses down and they seem to disappear. LOL.

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LOL we all have times that we feel like that.

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My positivity for situation that are not under my control.

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My hat – often left behind in restaurants, theaters, etc.
My phone is now attached to my belt by a retractable reel.
I don’t otherwise lose or misplace many objects.

Alternate answer: My temper. But that’s slowly improving…

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@philosopher : Yes, we do sadly. lol.
@Adirondackwannabe : You can play with my marbles. :-) I actually have a friend who carries marbles in her purse to give to people when they say they’ve lost theirs. It’s quite funny.

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My glasses.

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We have something in common LOL.
I think feeling overwhelmed at times happens to us all.

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When I am stressed I could lose anything.

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That’s an easy one. My temper.

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My reading glasses. I now have 8 or 9 pairs from Dollar Tree. They are cheap and frequently break, but I always know where a pair is. I also enjoy wearing glasses that are complimentary to the colors I’m wearing.

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Like @dappled_leaves, I tend to shoot first then ask questions later. Hoping to get out of that soon.

I also lose my credit cards because wallets are too bulky. I am sans my bank card for the third time this year because I misplaced it in my home. (I usually find it as soon as the new one arrives.

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Hats. I wear a baseball hat in sunny weather and I’ve lost count of how many hats I’ve left on buses or in pubs. I have stopped buying decent ones and now buy cheap ones from Primark for £2.

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My phone and my temper!

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Nothing. I’m one of those weird people that never seem to lose anything tangible.

For non-tangible ..probably sleep.

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My temper at lousy drivers. I’ve always been intolerant of idiots that don’t know what to do at 4 way stop signs, pull out in front of you, etc, but after a really bad experience last week I have zero tolerance for idiot drivers. You’ll probably see my name in the police blotter or on tv soon.

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You should write a book and tell us all how you do it. LOL you could help people and make money too.
I know my problem is that I do several task at once but many times I have No choice. When I am doing work even at home someone always interrupts me.
I try to laugh at myself and not get upset. Life too short to stress over every little thing.
I ask people not to distract me but they do.
I am the type that focuses on the positive and tunes out negative nasty people.

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Mi abilitie to spel korektlie.

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My patience .. more than anything!!

I have all kinds of “systems” so I won’t forget things like my keys and my phone .. but I have yet to be able to control losing my patience in a lot of cases!!

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Some people have that affect on everyone.
I do my best to be considerate of others. I believe I am very fair and I exam all available documentation before I make a decision. I am open to new legitimate documentation. When narrow minded people scream at me I usually laugh LOL. I dislike extremist on the R and L. I do all I can to ignore them. When they refuse to agree to disagree and move on I lose it. Their ignorance never ceases to amaze me. They refuse to listen to the documentation and they distort the truth, facts and reality. These types are all that is wrong with our society.
LOL I could write a book on this.
Happy Monday to everyone and thank you all for sharing your thoughts.

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It sounds like you have it under control.

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Read my response to just plain bob LOL. We all have that point were we see red.
I advocate for my autistic son. I work hard and with people. You wouldn’t believe how some so called Professionals try to BS me. I nicely make sure they comprehend that I know everything they do and in many case much more.
Happy Monday.

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That is why I have two pairs. LOL

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Backgammon matches.

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It appears we all lose things. I guess that means we are all human.

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“I’ve always been intolerant of idiots that don’t know what to do at 4 way stop signs….”

In CA, the rule is that if the vehicles arrive at the intersection simultaneously, the vehicle on the street to the right has the right of way.

Is it the same in NY?

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It is the same in New York. People on the right go first.

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