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How would I go about becoming a beekeeper?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) April 6th, 2012

I live on five acres and most of those acres are cover by flowers of some sort. There are three (known) bee hives. I think it might be interesting to be a beekeeper. It might fun and I could make some extra money selling honey. Maybe I could also help increase the dwindling bee population.

Where could I get equipment? How much would that cost? How much money could I make? How would I even get started?

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Start with your local Cooperative Extension office. They should have the information and they probably know the local beekeepers and/or if there’s a local association.

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The American Beekeeping Federation have some advice on their website.

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You need to consult your Shakespeare.

Hamlet, Act 3 – Scene 1

“To bee or not to bee, that is the question…”

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Yes, and I have also seen local beekeepers advertise on C’slist in the “farm & garden” section for places to put their hives and they pay you with honey. I’ve been thinking the same thing and live on 5 acres also. Your county Agriculture dept. and coop can help you too as someone else mentioned. A fun and earth positive hobby for sure! :-)

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I will ask my sister. She and her husband started with one hive and now have 21, plus the hazmat suit and the electric fence to keep out the bears. They love it and have found a community of like-minded friends who have meetings, movies, picnics and general info sharing.

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Here’ s what my sister just wrote. X is her husband.

“took classes, worked with experienced beekeepers, joined a bee club, read every book out there and learned by doing, FYI X is giving a beginning beekeeping class at the food coop Apr.22.”

This seems pretty straightforward, like most learning processes.

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What I would do, is find someone that keeps bees in my area and ask them for advice. Maybe seek out local honey labels and ask who’s behind the operations, stop by your local farmers markets, or search online.

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