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Chiropractor vs. Physical Therapist, which is better for my condition?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) April 6th, 2012

I’ve posted on here before about the car accident I was in on October. I had whiplash and still felt the affects. It is better than before but I still feel a slight pain. I have been to the chiropractor for a month and a massage therapist but the relief was only temporary. I stopped going since I couldn’t afford frequent visits and because I have no insurance for it.

Anyways, I was always able to lift weights. I decided to try shoulder workouts and I guess that was a mistake. Ever since I tried it, I felt new slight pain when I lift my shoulders and kind of swing my forearm. I quit the shoulder workouts for two weeks now and it has gotten a tad better but the pain hasn’t gone. I also quit bench pressing and lateral pull downs from my workout.

Since there was nothing wrong with my bones in the x-ray, I was thinking that it was more of a muscle/tissue problem. Should I see a Physical therapist instead? Chiropractor cracked my bones and neck which scared the crap out of me.

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Sorry, small mistake. I experience pain in my left shoulder.The SAME shoulder from the accident. not the RIGHT one. But, anyone had good experience with a Physical Therapist?

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I had a fall in a courthouse in my city. Broke my left shoulder and vertebrae in my neck. I did the PT thing for a long time. No chiropractor for me. We got to the point that it was as good as it was going to be, so my doctor started me on Celebrex.

It has worked wonders for me and the leftover pain in the shoulder is no more.

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Have you ever been to a chiropractor? Also, what kind of pains did you experience? I think mine is slight where it doesn’t interfere with daily activity except for certain weightlifting moves.

Also, how long did it take for you to get better? =)

I think I’m going to try a PT once I can afford it and have the time. Seems legitimate!

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Physical therapists are legitimate practitioners whose methods are science- based.

Chiropractors are quacks whose methods are deeply flawed with no scientific basis whatsoever.

You decide…

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What @gasman said. Chiropractic is a whole lot of crazy pretending to be scientific.

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I think there may be legit Chiropractors out there, but the ones who are legit are doing things identical to Physical Therapists, which begs the question: why not just go with a Physical Therapist in the first place? There is a LOT of unscientific practices in the Chiropractic world, things like claiming they can treat organ disease via massages, and this thing called Innate Intelligence which is kind of like “The Force” or “Magic.” It has never been measured and is completely rejected by modern science-based medicine.

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Perhaps what your shoulder needs is rest and time to repair itself.

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I didn’t workout for about 3–4 months. I’m trying to do little upper body workouts.

I guess physical therapy it is. I hope it works.

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Physical therapy did my husband as lot of good. You need a referral from a physician who diagnoses the problem and writes the prescription for what will help the most. The treatment may use a number of therapies from exercises in water, to lifting weights, to stretching, etc. depending on what is needed.

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PT at least have training to properly diagnose problems before they start torturing you. They are more professional in my opinion but thats just me because I pretty much hate chiro- quacks in the worst possible way. They just want your money. I can’t believe they can exist in a developed country.

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Physical therapy.

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I would go with physical therapy in your case. From my own experience (as well as others that I’ve known) chiropractors can be a godsend it some cases of perpetual pain and not all of them claim that they can ‘cure’ every condition.

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Go for physical therapy .

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