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Drunken Saturdays, how you doin'?

Asked by Jude (32144points) April 14th, 2012

I miss and love you all!

I am drinking potent margaritas and watching The Iron Lady with my lady love.

I love any woman with bawls. Thatcher had the bawls. The Alzheimers is sad, though.

How is everyone doing?? It’s has been a beautiful day is this part of Michigan.

Enjoy your weekend, you lovely folk.

I love you, tinyfaery!

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Just because Dog made a nonsensical drunk post doesn’t mean that you can :-)

I’m actually pretty drunk. It is sunny and warm today so I am firing up the hibachi for the first time this year.

and I am going to mow the lawn. the actual lawn, not my lady friends lawn.

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Relaxing in sunny Belize drinkin 1$ rum and cokes during happy hour. Good saturday. :)

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No drinking for me.. I didn’t know Ms Thatcher has Alzheimer’s. That’s sad.

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Not drunk, going to tango!

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I just said to Nikki “you look like finochraw”. No idea what that means.

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How many tango teachers does it take to change a light bulb? Five!... Six!... Seven!... Eight!

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finochraw Is Icelandic for placenta. You might want to keep her away from Google for a few hours.

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Awesome! hahaa!!

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I am fucked up.

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@johnpowell apparently, i’m channeling my inner Bjork. haha

R, glad to see you on here again.

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I’m saving my drinking for next weekend when I’m in the US Virgin Islands.

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@syz Lovely! Enjoy your time away!!! You deserve it. Never been to the Virgin Islands.

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Thanks! Me either, I’m looking forward to it (the trip was my Christmas present to my girlfriend).

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Any deep sea diving?

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Michele doesn’t dive (and I haven’t done it in so long I’d need a refresher course), but we plan to do lots and lots of snorkeling.

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I’ve been to different places in the USVI, @syz. You’ll love it there. Make good memories. If you ever get an opportunity, go to Tortola, in the BVI, go. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been.

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I have 5 more months of no drinking. I have a bottle of wine waiting for me once the baby comes though. I even know what I’m going to ask my husband to make for dinner to go with that bottle of wine.

The weather here has been beautiful this weekend and my oldest has been enjoying his time outside. I’m thinking about taking my boys to the park tomorrow (as long as the weather keeps being nice).

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Hello, lushes =)
I’m on cloud nine as always. It’s a beautiful weeend

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Beautiful day. My garden is lovely. Drinking is too hard for me. I hate what it does to my mouth and my head, and I have no need to be drunk around my family. Call me when they invent the consequenceless drink. You get a buzz, but don’t have to suffer for it. Then I might consider it.

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I saw this when it was a new post, so I went to drink a bit before answering.
I quickly forgot about this question.

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No drinking today. We went to our school district’s District Art Show today because my 11 yr old’s sculpture was chosen to be on display! WOOT WOOT, go baby!!! Then we drove around, looking at houses, and later went to dinner at a favorite restaurant to satisfy my craving for prime rib. It was a great day!

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I’m nursing a lightly spiked Greyhound in Heat. 2 pink grapefruit fresh squeezed and just a dash of vodka. I’m in this to last.

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Cheers, yo. I wish I could partake, but unfortunately, there’s this vampire after me. He’s going nuts, I don’t know what I did to him. That bastard.

Doing pretty good. Glad to know you are, too. :)

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@Jude, I’m glad you’re having a great day and night. Me too.

My friends took me out for a belated birthday dinner so it’s been a pretty nice evening. Had a steak, fried potatoes, a couple of beers, some chips and salsa, wings, etc., some nice company; one of their daughters who I love came along, and their two granddaughters, 9 and 7 were with us, whom I adore and who I adore me and it was just nice all around. Then I came home and have had a little wine :-) and am thinking about hitting my doggie bags pretty soon for a steak, potatoes and chips and salsa snack…

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Oh mannn super drunk now :p been swimmin in the river and then a really nice resort pool today now at another bar for happy hour. Goin to another bar now to go play some pool. Good fuckin saturday :)

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@uberbatman Be careful! That kind of thing is a pretty good fucking way to drown! You can keep drinking but no more swimming and no driving!! Play some pool, on a pool table, but no more going into, no more swimming a pool. :-)

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:) been doing this for a couple months now. All good :) Water during the buzz, land during dunken times, like now.

as per driving, i honestly forget what thats even like, i havent driven a vehicle in 4 months now

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@uberbatman I can be such a mother hen sometimes. Sorry. Go ahead and do whatever you want. After all, only the good die young and I don’t think you qualify for that offer. That’s what kept me alive when I was your age: a failure to meet the standards and qualifications of the “only the good die young” clause.

Just teasin’ ‘ya know. :-)

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I don’t get drunk. I get even.

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*hic *




dNt’ wKae em Upt Ihs eerly

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I missed the party.

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Damn, is it still Saturday? Wow. I must have passed out big time. Here I am nursing a lightly spiked Greyhound in Heat all over again. Groundhog Day.

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