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Do I have a paper fetish?

Asked by BBawlight (2432points) April 16th, 2012

I will be truthful here and say that I think I may be obsessed with paper.
I realized this when I was walking through Walmart and saw all of those $0.98 spiral notebooks. I asked my mom for a few, she only let me have three. I wanted them all. I just wanted them to sit in my room, on my shelf. I didn’t even want to use them. I just wanted to look at them.
It also occurs with computer and construction paper. I just like to sit there and stare at the paper. I like to run my fingers across the top…
It happens with the lined paper I use for school. I dislike using the loose leaf paper or notebook paper because it looks very messy.

I need to ask, is there anything wrong with me? It just seems too freaky, you know?

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Does your liking for paper arouse you sexually? If so, it’s a sexual fetish, by definition, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as it doesn’t hurt other people or interfere in your daily functioning. Otherwise, it’s just a really strong liking you have. I feel the same way about office supplies.

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I used to be the same way about crayons and colored pencils. They have so much potential but you have to ruin them to use them.
I’ll bet I still have one of my unused crayon boxes someplace.

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If anything, it sounds like you’d be interesting in hoarding paper.

This question along with your others add up to: Seek therapy. If nothing else, talking to a professional might help you sort through what’s important to concern/worry about and what isn’t.

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I love paper, too. Well, just about every kind of office supply there is, really. Nothing terribly wrong with that, I don’t think.

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I love school supplies. Untouched fresh notebooks full of fresh, clean new paper espexially.

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It isn’t like hoarding things, and it’s not a sexual fetish, I just get really excited when I see it, I want to feel it… Do anything with it as long as I’m not marring it in any way.

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Technically, in order to qualify as a fetish, it must be the only way you can achieve sexual arousal. In other words, if you can’t become sexually aroused without the presence of paper, then you have a paper fetish. Otherwise, it is simply a paraphilia. (Also, it’s too bad you missed the days of mimeograph. In school, I remember the smell of freshly-mimeoed paper as being especially blissful. And carcinogenic, as it turns out.)

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with it until it becomes an obsession. If it starts to negatively effect your everyday life and such.

I love new paper (mostly drawing paper and notebooks).

My partner has way too much paper – something we are working on (I’d say she’s almost a hoarder of it). She has boxes of stationary, photocopied information that she’s never looked at, newspaper clippings goes on. That’s an example of a negative paper obsession. It’s not a fetish though.

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@Plucky I want to keep as much paper as I can. When I walk past the notebooks in Walmart, I just feel the urge to take as many boxes of them as I can. My mother won’t allow me to, though. T_T
@SmashTheState Thank you for clearing that up. I just want to get as close to the right way of describing my feelings. It almost seems like I get aroused at paper. I just feel awesome around it, you know?

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That urge may be for order in an otherwise chaotic life @BBawlight.

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That’s definitely hoarding, but if it is a fetish, watch for paper cuts >.<

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Is this a sexual fetish? Are you aroused by the paper?
Does the content of the paper effect you differently? Toilet paper? The Acid free stuff? Recycled?
What about the tissue thin origami paper?
If this wasn’t in General, I would make a joke about you wanting to be reamed.

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This and your other question further incline me to think that you would be well advised to get an assessment from your pediatrician. It is important to tell him/her about your interest in paper and why you want to have the paper around as well as the elements regarding social anxiety.

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@BBawlight Certainly nothing “wrong”, unusual maybe, but variety in people is the spice of culture, eh?

I still am awed and intrigued when in a stationery store (not Staples! Well maybe a little bit Staples) by the sheer potential of all those papers. And, in permutation with all the pencils, pens and other marking devices I could just stand there in the wash of possibilities.
There are a few artsy paper stores and professional graphic supply stores in NYC and it always takes me longer to get out of one of them than it has to because I have stopped to marvel at something.

Perfectly normal ! Heh heh

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I think you’re fine as long as you don;t fill up your room with paper and risk a fire hazard. haha
Is there something in your background that draws you to paper products?
I have a fetish for mood lighting and light bulbs. I refuse to use those god awful energy saving new bulbs with the ambience of an autopsy room, so I scour thrift stores and out of the way places to collect cool light bulbs. I like to look at them, all different shapes, sizes, colors and wattages.

Cool light bulbs make me happy. lol

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You are okay. My wife has a pocketbook fetish. We have closets full of pocketbooks that she will never use. My nephew has a toothbrush fetish. We would miss him at WalMart and find him in the toothbrus isle. He would be amazed at the different color and sizes of toothrushes. Me, I am in love with coffee cups. I have quite a collection.

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Yes, you do have a paper fetish and so do I. I get it. I also have a pen and mechanical pencil fetish to accompany my paper, notebook, memo book, memo pad, notepad and post-it notes fetish. :-)

You’ll be o.k. :-)

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Oooh, I have a post it note fetish too! I just found these really great ones that are green with different colored block designs on the edges. They match my kitchen so I always put up a post it on Monday night to remind myself to take out the trash for pick up on Tues. lolol

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@Coloma And Super Sticky Post-its! They are it! When they came out with Super Sticky Post-Its I could barely contain myself. It was about time! And you can never have enough colors of post-it notes or enough sizes, lined, unlined… never enough. Maybe there is a bit of craziness in it. I will reveal no more, lest you all think me mad. :-)

O.k. a little hyperbole there…. I’m not the crazy post-it lady. Coloma gets it.

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@lillycoyote LOL Well my daughter complains that my whole house is mood lighting and you can’t see to read anything. haha
Not true.
I do have one “regular” light bulb in a lamp next to my bed for reading, but otherwise yep, we’re talking stained glass bulbs, yellow bug lights they make the nicest golden glow to everything green floodlights, yellow floodlights that cast this super awesome halo on the ceiling. I have multi-colored psychedelic LED night lights that cast a colorful swirling tornado patten on my metallic bronze walls and my silver lava lamp in the bathroom.

Let there be light! Colorful light! :-P

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It sounds more like you have an obsession with paper. I feel the same way about pens, especially gel pens. Really, I could never have enough of them, but I limit myself to just a few. :) As long as your desire for paper doesn’t impede your daily functioning or become a drain on your income, you are probably fine.

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