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When should I buy a house in Portland, Oregon?

Asked by Elfman (452points) February 14th, 2008

Will the bubble burst here as well…?

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check out boards that specialize in this is my suggestion

Saturday, November 3, 2007 NOW is the best time to buy
has some great blog links too

Best neighborhood to buy a house?
Looking to buy, under $300K. Flexible with location but want to stay in Portland city limits.—

Living in Portland For First Time Home Buyers

Hi there folks! Welcome to the Portland
Real Estate Guy website.

Portland Neighborhood’s Blog
Information for First Time Home Buyers and Refinancing

“I predict the prices should be stabilized by the second quarter of 2008 and I predict an increase in prices by the fourth quarter. There is no better time to buy a home than now, because the prices are at a point that can’t go any lower.”

My name is Deb Counts-Tabor, and I am a Realtor with Prudential Northwest Properties Metro Branch, in Northeast Portland

The second best day of the year to buy a home is Easter Sunday.

A buyer looking for a fixer on the outskirts of downtown Sacramento lucked out last Easter. A home came on the market at an attractive price. The buyer immediately inspected the home and wrote an offer. Fortunately, the selling agent was also the seller, so it was very easy to present an offer. The offer was signed and accepted on Easter Sunday because there was no competition. Come Monday, offers were rolling in, but it was too late.

The first best day of the year to buy a home is Christmas Day.

Nobody looks at homes on Christmas Day. But buying on Christmas Day is a smart move. If you scout out the homes on which you’d like to make offers a few days before Christmas, you’ll be better positioned. Why is Christmas Day so attractive

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I told you, 2015 ;)

Number of houses sold in Oregon down 38%


It’s all supply and demand…

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Houses have been on the market longer and prices are dropping, but things have not bottomed out.
There are bargains to be had if you are patient and dedicated in your search. There do not seem to be as many foreclosures as are being reported in other areas across the country.

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