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Will panko bread crumbs or italian bread crumbs work for meatloaf?

Asked by chelle21689 (7289points) April 24th, 2012

I’m afraid that Japanese panko bread crumbs won’t be right for meatloaf. Also I have italian bread crumbs, will that make the meatloaf taste funny?

Someone told me oats are the best to use for meatloaf. Hmm..I’m just trying to watch calories is all.

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I use oats but I think most bread type things will work, cereal, cracker crumbs, bread crumbs etc.

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So…do you think pank bread crumb will work? It’s a bit different than most.

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I always use Italian bread crumbs in my meatloaf and it turns out great. I put in dried onion soup mix, ketchup, Italian bread crumbs and egg.

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I’d go for the italian bread crumbs, just some oregano and that goes well with beef.
You won’t even notice and I’m assuming you’re putting in onions, maybe bell peppers and tomato sauce/paste too? It will taste just fine. :-)

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Any grain should work, I wouldn’t be afraid to try with the panko bread crumbs. I mix whatever is available into my meatloaf, last one I made had morel mushrooms and ritz crackers added.

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Thanks everyone! I was worried, lol. Hopefully it turns out good and not salty

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I always use the italian bread crumb. It won’t come out salty if you only add a little bit of salt or subsitute garlic powder and pepper for the salt. I usually throw in onions, garlic, a little bit of tomato sauce/ or paste (if using paste, be light with it because it is saltier than sauce), a spoon of milk, 1 egg scrabbled raw. I also like to add a little bit of oregano and olives. Sometimes I add green pepper as @Coloma does as well.
If you want it really tasty; lightly fry the onions and green peppers and garlic. It helps bring out the flavors.

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Oooh, I want meatloaf now, haven’t made one for about a year.

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@Coloma I was thinking the same thing. I have ground beef defrosted and was going to make spagetti. I changed my mind. LOL

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@Pandora What times dinner? ;-)

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Well I just got it in the oven, so in about an hours. LOL
So, I can’t decide between, macaroni salad, or a veg. salad with tostones on the side.

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They will work, just make sure you soften them in milk, before mixing all the ingredients together.

Hey, you may have invented something new…..good luck!

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I always use Italian bread crumbs. The panko will work also. If you don’t usually use Italian I suggest using a little of each breadcrumb.

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Can you send me a meatloaf sandwich over the airways?

You have now made me hungry.

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@wilma, I use oats too. My husband said he’d never heard of oats in meatloaf. It keeps it really moist. My mom used it and I use it to this day. I think it was more economical for her to use oats and it stretched her hamburg for our large family.

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Haha..@bkcunningham I read your whisper as I use cats too. lol

@Pandora Oooh…gotta be the traditional mashed potatoes and peas with the meat loaf.
I had leftover lasagne but meatloaf is going to happen this week. :-)

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Is that a “c” or an “o?” My damn eyes are playing tricks on me now, @Coloma.

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FYI: If you mix whatever you use as a filler (any milled grain) with milk, the texture of the meatloaf will be finer and more compact. It slices more easily and doesn’t crumble when you cut it. I’m not advocating any specific ingredients. I never met a meatloaf I didn’t like. But my favorite is an Italian recipe

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Italian would be my first choice.

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Thai meatloaf is good and it uses panko bread crumbs. Just be careful with the chili peppers.

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The italian bread crumbs went well with the meat loaf yum!

I never heard of Thai meatloaf…my dad is from Thailand lol

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@chelle21689 Here is a recipe, you can substitute pretty much any meat for the turkey. I like it with ground pork or chicken too.

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