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What would your last words be and to whom would you want to utter them to?

Asked by AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA (1502points) May 27th, 2008

Say you were mortally wounded, and you fully understood that the damage sustained was fatal. And you knew that you only had about thirty seconds to a minute to live. Perhaps a gun fight, or an explosion. Maybe even getting stabbed for your wallet/purse and the only person next to you is your wife/husband, mother/father, sister/brother, etc.

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“Scarlett Johansson, that was amazing.”

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“Sell my kidneys on eBay”

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I would want to tell my boys I love them.

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“I love you” to my wife & kids.

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I know it’s not a funny answer or anything but I’m with PupnTaco

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i havent really thought about it. heres a tidbit on albert einstein. his last words were in german and the nurse who was at his bed when he died didnt know german, so no one knows what the thoughts of one of the smartest men in the world was.

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if it was my mom, I would tell her “you were never a bad mom, you made me love you”
to my dad “I love you. Divorce her”
to my daughter ” use a condom baby. I love you more than you know”
to Edward “thankyou for being the love of my life. I want you to love again”

And by the way, teaspoon- this is some depressing shit

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“Well, that was fun, right?”

I’d like to be remembered as a casual, easy-going guy. The people I love know that I love them very much.

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I’ve always thought that I need to plan out some awesome last words but have yet to make them. With my luck I’d probably die before I had a chance to utter them, though.

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I stashed the money in the…...........aghhhhhh!....(last breath taken and gone)

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I’d like to say goodbye, and I’d like to say it to the world. Just so I dont leave anyone out, ya know?

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“That’ll be all.”

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How ‘bout “Th-th-th-that’s all follks!”

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Silly answer: What Duck??

Serious answer: I would want to tell my daughter how much joy she brought to my life, how proud of her I have always been, and how deeply I love her. Then I would say. “See you in the morning.”

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Ack! I can hardly read these answers without getting all choked up…no, really. I’m a little teary.

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No last words, @Dorkgirl?

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Geez, do you really want to make me bawl?
I’d go with the usual—I love you to my husband & son. Tell my son how proud of him I am and how much joy he brought to my life. Thank my family for their love & support.
And, with enough time I might think of something cleaver to say, but probably not. I’ll be in the great beyond, slap myself on the forehead and hollar, “I should have said…”.

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Here are my last words, which I have committed to memory, and will utter to whomever is present:

Look, there’s this dough, see? There’s all this dough, 350 Gs! Do ya hear what I’m saying? 350 Gs! In the park, in Rosita…Rosita Beach State Park…just south of Dago in Santa Rosita. It’s in this box buried under this…buried under this big W. You’ll see it. You’ll see it under this big W. You can’t miss it; a big W, and it’s been layin’ there for 15 years. Listen, I tell ya, I’m givin’ it to ya. And, don’t let them kid you. Don’t let them give you the business, because it was mine and I paid for it, every lousy buck of it, ya hear? But, watch out for the bulls. Lousy stinkin’ bulls are everywhere; all over the place. You just drive down and dig it up, and then you fix yourselves all up. Fix yourselves all up… Walk down the street like a king, back to the old neighborhood, see the fellas, the dames… The dames, all with a big Hello… A big Hello for Old Jack… Good Old Jack, everybody’s friend…

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Goodbye Fluther.

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I’d tell my parents and Girlfriend and sisters that I am sorry for dying before them.
But if it’s sunny on the other side I will send a post card.

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What a very emotionally charged question =P.

I would have to say for me its the sentimental cliche of “I love you” along that notion, to always’s take care and be happy to my partner and to my family. Definetely from reading your question that’s what initially come’s to mind and I’d probably never change that feeling =^.^=

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