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What are some exercises that I can do for my slight lazy eye?

Asked by Marchofthefox (787points) May 2nd, 2012

Hello all, I’ve noticed that my right eye will turn inwards when I’m tired, reading or in some pictures. I’ve figured that it is hereditary from my Great Grandpa and Uncle. I have a hard time keeping eye contact with others because I don’t want them to notice, but I’ve been trying harder to keep contact longer and no one seems to notice or care about my eye, but it gives me a little low self-esteem. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this or some exercises?
Thank you!

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Do you mean you have a slight squint? Lazy eye is actually something else where the optic nerve in usually one eye does not transmit messages reliably to the brain. Some people call having a squint lazy eye though. Wikipedia has a quite good write up on this. This site also has a couple of exercises you can do but my (very quick) reading suggests exercises are largely ineffectual in adulthood. I would talk to your eye specialist and see if there is anything else he can suggest. If it was quite pronounced, there is surgery available

I do understand how you feel. I used to have a bit of a squint as a little person. I had to wear glasses, eye patches and do eye exercises. I am still conscious of it now although it seems to have been corrected because I haven’t actually noticed it myself since I was a child. I am still conscious of it though and have even asked my husband “am I squinting?” when I am tired but he says he has never noticed it either so it is probably all in my mind.

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Modify a pair of clear safety glasses and use them for periodic eye training. Put a piece of cello tape over the lens in front of your strong eye to force yourself to use and focus the weaker eye.
Don’t operate machinery or drive while wearing the glasses.

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I would have an eye doctor evaluate you, an opthamologist, not optometrist. What @LuckyGuy suggests is what I have heard is done with children with lazy eyes, but since I assume you are not a young child, you need to make sure your eye muscles are not weakening for another reason.

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A friend of mine had this and she did eye exercises and occasionally wore an eyepatch.

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Go and see an ophthalmologist. They will be able to diagnose just why your eye is misbehaving.

My oldest had to have his good eye patched constantly for 4 years because his eye suddenly turned one day. He got glasses but had to re-train the lazy eye. My youngest son’s vision will go a bit blurry when he’s tired or has been reading very small text for a long time.

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I’ve been to the Optomitrist and from what they told me, the muscle is weak, and what I can do is excersises or get surgery. I’m eighteen years old.
Thank you.

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@Marchofthefox Did you see an opthamologist that prescribes vision therapy? Did the doctor give you exercises to do?

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I’ve always had a lazy. When I was a kid it was very bad. I’m left eye dominate which sees very well up close and my right eye is good at longer distances. I constantly switch back and forth between the two eyes but can’t get stereoscopic vision even though both eyes are in alignment.

My suggestion to you is to force yourself to alternate using your lazy and dominate eye throughout the day. While reading a book alternate eyes with each page.

Try this: Look in the mirror through your dominate eye with your hand over your weak eye. Take your hand away and notice how your weak eye drifts off. Now put your hand over your strong eye and look in the mirror through your weak eye. Keep looking through your week eye and take your hand away and notice how both eyes are now looking straight forward. Now practice looking in the mirror with no hands involved by just alternate eyes. Notice again how your eyes appear when looking through each individual eye. Also practice alternating eyes throughout the day focusing on up close objects as well as long distance. This technique has worked well for me.

When you talk to people remember to look at them through your weak eye and they will see both of your eyes appearing to look straight at them.

The key I think is to work your weak eye more and it will get stronger. You may be like me and never have eyes that work perfectly together but your eyes will appear normal to others and that should give you some more confidence.

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@gondwanalon That’s the thing. Everyone I know who had a lazy eye had it since birth. Except one woman who worked for me who developed a problem with her eye muscles and had to have surgery to help tighten the muscles. That is why I think @Marchofthefox should go to an opthamologist. One Optometrist visit or just following advice online isn’t enough in my opinion, and I am one of those jellied who tend to be a wait and see don’t run to the doctor. But, when it comes to eyesight I am more inclined to be extra vigilent.

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@SpatzieLover My doctor told me to focus on small points like the tip of a pen and exercise the eye, to cover one eye at a time and make it look up, down, left and right, repetitons, basically.

Thank you all, again.

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You need to look to the left as much as you can while keeping your head still. Then look to the right as much as you can. Keep looking from the left to the right without moving your head and do it for about two minutes a session, three or four times a day. This will strengthen the muscles.

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look at yourself in the mirror. staring contest with yourself and so you now when you need to stop. might even help you look a person in the eye longer than a minute with blinking of course. once passed your good to go:D

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