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Why are people so hyped up over rollerball and gel pens?

Asked by Arthropod (4points) May 31st, 2012

Why are people so hyped up over rollerball and gel pens? Does anybody like the good old ballpoints that don’t bleed through paper, write on pretty much anything, and don’t cost very much? I bought a bunch of different gel’s and rollerball’s and am starting to get addicted to them! I can see the danger though….I was much more content just using a regular ballpoint. Any body else feel this way?

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I like the fluid way the gel pens write. Now that I am used to them, the ballpoints drag too much for me. I still grab a ballpoint, though, if I am writing something that I can’t let smear.

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I’m afraid I don’t get hyped up about any type of pen – I use whatever’s around.

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@syz: Too bad. You’re missing one of life’s better highs.

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I like to use a fountain pen and sales are starting to rise which surprised me

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I love rollerball and gel pens. they write so smoothly!

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I try not to spend money on pens if I can help it. Because I work at a university, I find tons of them everywhere. But if I do buy a pen, it’s likely to be a gel/rollerball pen. Nothing drives me crazier when I’m feverishly taking notes than a skipping pen, and I’ve noticed cheap ballpoint pens tend to skip even when they have plenty of ink left. However, with gel pens, they usually work right until they are empty. Also, I prefer a heavier-tipped pen that puts out a lot of ink, because I am a fast writer, and I also like gel pens for this reason.

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I like them because they’re pretty!
Mature, I know

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My handwriting becomes very sloppy if I write too fast or if the pen rolls too easily. I typically use the old ballpoint, but there are some gel/rollerball pens that have passed the test.

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I like a nice ballpoint (my favorite at the moment is Bic Pro +) and also, a skinny Sharpie is great, because it doesn’t run but yet rolls.

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My handwriting style somehow looks much more fluid and refined with gel and rollerball pens – if I write with a ballpoint, I think my handwriting looks like a fifth-grader wrote it. Pilot G-2 all the way!

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Regular ball point pens skip and smear and do all kinds of awful things when I use them. Rollerball pens are much smoother. I have a decent chance of being able to decode what I have written when I write with one.

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Gel pens and rollerball pens annoy me. I only use ballpoints. At work, we aren’t suppose to use the gel pens and rollerball pens because of the way they bleed through our charting.

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I haven’t noticed any hype about pens… I like roller ball pens because they write more smoothly. I did buy some gel pens because the colours were pretty. I can’t recall ever making a big deal about them though.

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I’m a huge pen fan. Stationery in general pleases me greatly :D
I like gel pens because of the flow – they allow me to write faster and my handwriting always looks more elegant with these pens.
I hate to write with a ballpoint pen, so I tend not to.
This has been most pleasing.

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