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If Fluther went away, how badly would you miss it?

Asked by jca (36046points) June 6th, 2012

If Fluther were no more, for whatever reason (you did not have access to it, the site went down, etc.) how much would you miss it? How big is it a part of your life now? Do you think anything else could ever take it’s place?

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Meh. I managed to survive the first forty eight years of my life without it. I think I’d manage to go on somehow.

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Fluther has been here for me through loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, and has helped me forget my problems or even helped me through them. I have met some fantastic people here. I would truly miss Fluther if I couldn’t visit here when I wanted to.

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And I just made a fart joke on Blackberry’s thread. I love you guys.

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I’d miss it a bit for the fun and the useful bits, but more so I think I’d wonder what became of you all. Fluther fills a significant chunk of my time at the moment, but that varies. I’d fill the time with some other activity. I would have to figure out another way to get myself in situations to talk about random stuff with strangers, I suppose – I guess I could learn to enjoy bars or something.

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I value the people I have come to know on Fluther and I agree with @chyna that it fulfils needs that are not met elsewhere. I would miss it but fortunately, I could still contact some of my favourite Jellys on Facebook and a few by e-mail.

To me Fluther is far more than a Q and A site. What makes it special are the people who moderate and those who respect and appreciate the work these people do. Most of them do this work for free and I’m sure it is sometimes a burden but they do it anyway.

@Augustlan deserves special thanks for the contribution she makes to keep Fluther a valuable place to visit and a place people return to regularly.

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I would miss it an awful lot. I would miss the opportunities to vent, the opportunities to celebrate, the laughter, the drama, but most of all I would miss all the jellies. Fluther is a special place; it’s not just some Q&A website.

It’s like a giant, dysfunctional, hilarious family. We fight, but we also pull together and offer comfort and support when needed. Many people here are special to me. I thought I could leave and just interact with others on Facebook, but I missed Fluther too much. There’s something different about this place that keeps me here. Plus, some wanker named @chyna threatened me with bodily harm if I didn’t come back.

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Badly enough that I’d be willing to use facebook to keep in touch with jellies.

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I love this place—I’m here every day even if I don’t post. I would miss Fluther and my friends here tremendously.

I agree with @wundayatta- I’d use Facebook to find jellies!

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Charles Lee Ray gave me lessons. I’d just revive that bitch. Or put it in a doll or something.

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So much that hopefully a Fluther refugee site would be set up!

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This much.

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Fluther takes my mind off my worries. If it wasn’t here, I guess I’d be more stressed and would miss it a lot. From what I hear about other sites, there’s no place else for me to go.

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Well my penis would get sore.
Just kidding, this place doesn’t give me the feels as much as it used to.

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After surviving the self destruction of Yahoo Answers, Google Answers, Propeller, and Answerbag, I know that it would hurt, but life would go on. And there is Sodahead (Gag, puke!)

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I would miss it very much. :(
Not sure what I’d do when I get bored…

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I would miss it terribly, and not just because it’s my job. I truly lurve my jellies!

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It’s like when a good football match finishes & you think, “that was a great game.” then you move on to another entertaining source, like sex for example.

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I’d miss it. It is a nice diversion when I am supposed to be doing something else. The people are nice and I learn things here that I’d otherwise never be exposed to.
I’d survive but I’d be sure to get some email addresses first..

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I check in most days so I would miss it a lot if it closed. I have yet to find another Q and A site that is as good as Fluther and I need a Q and A site in my life!

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I would miss it greatly. I check in everyday to see what’s what. I’ve made friends here. I’m glad to know a few outside Fluther.

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It is unique, there is nothing else like it. I would certainly miss it.

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I realize that everything in life must change and that nothing stays the same. That being said, I would miss Fluther if it were to go bye-bye, but I would realize that I must move on. Right now Fluther is a part of my everyday life whether I’m actively participating or just lurking to see what’s going on with the collective. The only thing that could take its place is if another Fluther site were to start up.

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I might miss this drug called fluther for a touch. But I would not miss it as much as some of the wonderful jellies I have come to know if they went away.

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There would be a hole in my life that I would never get back.

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I would probably search for fluther in a search engine every month or so to see if it had magically come back. I did the same for castlecops when it died.. sadly it is still dead….. or is it? (searches) ...damn.

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I’d miss it like my cat that walked off in the night for the last time and never came back.

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I post on other sites, but those ones are dedicated to only certain issues or topics. I don’t spend a great deal of time on here, but I still post on here more than the others. I would probably go back to sodahead, but 90% of that site has the mentality of an 8 year old, and most responses to your posts and questions are stupid picture media since many can’t debate on there. I would miss fluther to a degree I suppose, however many of my old friends aren’t even on here anymore.

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I would be okay with it.

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All these questions about Fluther going away. This is how rumors start. Just cut it out!

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If it’s invisible writing on the wall—can you really see it?

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There are other questions about fluther quitting? where? This is news to me.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, grapes.

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i wouldn’t miss it at all. Its just a website and its a lot shittier than it used to be. My homies i met here long ago when fluther was still half way decent we all kick it other places online and do a lot more badass stuff than all the whiny p.c. regurgitated content and b.s. politics that this site has become. Fluther was a balloon. Its been deflating for a while now. The heyday is well over. If you really did miss it a whole lot when its gone your probably a lonely socially dysfunctional person. There is a lot more to do in life than feel bad about this. Thats my opinion on the matter.

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@buster I am socially dysfunctional, which is one of the reasons I love Fluther so much. I have social anxiety disorder. Thanks so fucking much for making this sound like a disgusting disease.

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@buster That was pretty harsh, dude.

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I too then, shall belong to the army of the dispossessed! I keep quoting Xena making jokes and all, but I’d feel the same back when Fluther had its supposed glory days. I may not know what those days were, depending on how long ago they raged the seas and plundered helpless villages, but if I didn’t feel that way no matter whence I came, I would have left a long time ago. Fluther fuckin rules, bitches!
It’s slow these days yeah, only a handful of questions a day, but I still learn and I still have friends, yeah?

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reminder for @buster that is what they said about Apple years ago

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Regardless of what some old timers say, I love this place. Naturally, the community changes, different members come and go, the overall vibe changes, and will probably eventually change again as different people join and leave.

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@buster, then… Why are you here?
Not trying to be rude, I’m genuinely curious.

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(also waiting to hear @buster‘s response)

(crickets chirping)

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