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Is the incident linked in details further proof of the impending zombie apocalypse. Or is it something else?

Asked by josie (30934points) June 8th, 2012

There have been a couple of stories in the news lately about people attacking victims and eating their flesh
This is the most recent
Is Lowpel Davis actually a zombie? Or was she simply committed to getting a free wig?

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I would kill a family of four for a good hair style, so it’s understandable.

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You know what? There’s too damn many humans on the planet. Technology has done away with natural selection, and too many of us survive. Every time I read a story about some stupid bitch having 8 kids that she can’t afford just to get famous, or somebody frying their brain by injecting crap with Draino and diesel fuel in it, or a supposed church that preaches hate, I think a zombie apocalypse might be a good thing. Let them all have their tiny little brains eaten. Fuck ‘em.

(Sorry, rough day. But fuck ‘em, anyway.)

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@syz One problem. The zombies get a small minded individual and they would be bummed at the size of the brain. They might pass on them next time.
@josie What a f***ing nut job.

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@Blackberry I bet you would look fabulous! /hands you a chainsaw

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I’d say it’s “spoiled brat syndrome” raised to over 9000

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P’shaw. A zombie wouldn’t spit out what bits of you they’d managed to chew off.

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There’s a problem with such incidents and their relations to zombie apocalypses…people biting others in attack and throwing guts and flesh isn’t anything new. We’ve always done that. I do that. Fear, panic, confusion or anger can make people do weird shit. It isn’t zombies. And actual cases of legitimate cannibalism isn’t zombiedom, either.

If a true zombie apocalypse were to occur, it would be much worse than any of this. Don’t people get it? If a zombie bites a living human, they turn into a zombie. Is that store owner a zombie? Probably not.

And yeah, @fundevogel is right; zombies don’t spit. They live (lol I can’t believe I used that word for zombies) to eat. It’s something else. Some non zombified human thing.

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Ewww. What is wrong with people???

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Maybe these cases are the results of the new bath salt rage going on. People have done some strange things where I live, while wacked out on bath salts. On second thought maybe these cases are the result of a zombie apocalypse.

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@Symbeline While the most common zombie type these days does transfer its condition via bite that isn’t a hard rule. Old school zombies were usually raised (or converted) via Voodoo and enslaved by their zombie master ala White Zombie. In Night of the Living Dead, Return of the Night of the Living Dead and Fido anyone that dies returns as a zombie, getting attacked by a zombie only hastens the process in that it hastens your death. Then you’ve got zombies like the ones in Slither which are the result of alien parasites and only alien parasites.

Ultimately I’m totally fine declaring the Florida Face-eater a zombie, though he presumably couldn’t transfer his condition. He walks the walk. But not this lady. She’s just off her nut.

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@fundevogel Ha yeah, it might come from some PC D&D game, but I believe that a corpse reanimated by voodoo magic is termed a ’‘juju zombie’’. Lmao. that sounds so cute Excellent points, thing is that dude still doesn’t fit any of those criteria, since voodoo zombies don’t actually eat people. (although they may bite someone if their orders were to attack a specific person) You can’t just call anyone that bites someone a zombie, especially when it’s not actually causing an outbreak.
Although if that bath salt drug does have something to do with it, it does frighteningly carry some zombie like factors akin to classic movie stuff…

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I wouldn’t call him a voodoo zombie. I’m perfectly happy accepting that his condition was the result of some gnarly drug. But I don’t see why a naturalistic explanation for his condition should rule out zombie-hood. I’m really not hardline on this. It is walks like a zombie and growls like a zombie and eats face like a zombie that’s good enough for me.

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What’s with this ‘zombie apocalypse’?

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@nonexpert It’s still pending apparently.

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Lol one of the questions is, I’ve been bitten by a zombie. Wtf to do? XD

@fundevogel But I don’t see why a naturalistic explanation for his condition should rule out zombie-hood.
I didn’t say it can’t.
I’m saying zombies are something definite, whether it’s a voodoo zombie or a classic zombie or a runner or what have you. (they’re usually undead, too) The condition, and not the source which can be perfectly scientific or outlandish. I’m basing that on the idea that the whole zombie thing associated to these incidents by zombiphiles is probably related to movie zombies. Otherwise yeah, he can be a zombie in a way, but to me he’s a freakin’ freak. XD then again I chew up shields, so I denno

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@Symbeline: You used the word ‘zombie’ so much in your response that it no longer looks like a word to me :-p

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zombie, zombie, zombie

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Your mother doesn’t look like a word.

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