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Are you a Fluther junkie?

Asked by whiteliondreams (1717points) June 11th, 2012

Have you found yourself using Fluther more than any other website you normally use?
Has Fluther replaced Facebook or any other social network that was once of great interest to you?
How often do you use Fluther? (Be honest)
Do you have more friends on Fluther than on Facebook or in real life?
What makes Fluther addicting to you if you are an addict?
What is the most interesting aspect Fluther offers to you?

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I do not use Fluther more than any other website. It hasn’t replaced Facebook. I use it daily but not at all as much as I used to. I do not have more friends on Fluther than I do anywhere else. I am not as addicted as I used to be. I don’t really know know why I come here anymore.

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Hello, my name is Filmfann, and I am a fluther junkie…

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I’m such a junkie they hired me to manage the place. ;)

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My name is Willie. . . .

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I really enjoy having a drink and watching people rant about stuff.

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(emerges from fog with arms held straight out like a zombie). I AM A FLUTHER JUNKIE!

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Yes I am an addict. Yes I use it daily. Yes, I have a lot of friends on here.

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Naw. I could leave any time.


I could.

I’ll prove it. I’ll stay off for the next minute.


Ok. Thirty seconds. That should be good enough. ;-)

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Not anymore we aren’t.

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I fluther less than I use other sites but only slightly. Fluther replaced for me when it went defunct but I’ve not been as invested and active here. I usually fluther when I pull long shifts at work, so probably 5 days a week. Some of my fluther friends are also facebook and IRL friends but they don’t outnumber my IRL friends.

The most interesting draw of fluther for me is the various ways Jellie’s have of interpreting and assessing what’s shared here. Fluther has occasionally given me new ways to see things, new approaches to try to situations.

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I used to be, but I have tapered off in the past few months.

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I love Fluther, simply put.

Junkie? Sure! I do come here everyday—even if it’s just to read.

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@Neizvestnaya I concur with the interesting draw.

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Would you like a shot of Fluther?
Yes, kind sir, I’ll take another . . and another . . . and another.

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I think I might be. I just joined about two weeks ago but I really like the place. Kind of starved for intelligent conversation where I live, and there are all kinds of people on here to ask advice of.

And yes, I now use this more than any other social networking site. I am not on facebook, but I was a frequent user of another site that I decided to drift away from because there was so much drama, anger, and immaturity there. I find that this site is much more cordial and civil and I really like that.

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I like to write, but I have no ideas. Fluther gives me writing practice by asking questions. I get to think about things and I get to write out my thinking. That’s why I write so much. So for me fluther is kind of like a writing class with free assignments. The assignments tend to be a bit more interesting than the average writing assignment one might find randomly on the internet. Also there’s a built in audience of people who will read…oh… maybe one quarter of what I write. Maybe the first sentence of each post. It doesn’t really matter to me. I like to write to see what I think.

@gailcalled believes in editing things, but in order to do that, you’d have to take your writing seriously, which I don’t. How seriously can I take it if I give it away for free? Anyone who was serious would make people pay to read what they have to say—like writing a blog or something like that.

It might be good for me if fluther died. Then I might have to try to get serious. Not that I have any idea how to do that. In any case, it sounds too much like work. Practice is more fun than work because it doesn’t matter how people respond to it. If it’s work, then people have to like it, and if you want people to like what you write, it changes how you write. You lose your insouciance. Hmmm. Do I have any insouciance? Would I have any if I tried?

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I used to be, but now I actually do some stuff at work. So, I check in from time to time.

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I use Facebook more now. I’m slowly losing interest here, as far as posting goes. I pop in every few days and read over questions, but nothing interests me.

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Nah, who’s going to admit to being a “flunkie” eh….who, who?

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All my addictions have been invaded by Little Big Planet 2. Maybe I should make a Fluther themed level on there lol.

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@bookish1 I hope that when you encounter the lack of civility or cordiality that you continue to find what you seek amongst the rubbish.

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I have an insatiable appetite for too many other things, so my answer is no.

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It seems difficult for those of us, who are inching towards, or between 20k and 50k plus, to say that we really could kind of take it or leave it, when it comes to Fluther. :-) It’s hard to hide our attachment to the place, at that point.

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I was addicted within an hour, though it took me four days to admit it.

The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is… well, I’ve never gotten to the second step.

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@blueiiznh Well, with all due respect, but by the amount or lurve you have, I’m sure you have many insatiable provisions.

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