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What is the name of that clothing store with 3-4 letters, like an acronym, maybe including b, m, x, g, v, ........ ?

Asked by zina (1661points) May 30th, 2008

It’s famous, the name is escaping me, and I can’t google it without the name….

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bebe? gap? Dkny? Fcuk?

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that really narrows it down…........

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mmmmmmm….. i looked through that wikipedia list… nothing seemed quite right…. maybe i’m going nuts….

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what state would you find one in?

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it’s a few letters and you say them as letters, not a word

they are in california

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H & M?
pac sun?

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aha! i think it was BCBG

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Haha I love that after “b, m, x, g, v,” it ended up being BCBG. ... that’s pretty close, right?

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The m and x might have been in your memory because the company is actually: BCBG Max Azria.

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BCBG—on 66th and Madison. But many other shops around NY and other places as well.

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I hate weird department stores with a passion… and not the perfume kind.

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