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Why is my laptop typing on its own?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) June 16th, 2012

As soon as I log on, it starts typing dashes non-stop and acting up. Something must be stuck because it’s making strange noises as if I had pressed “enter” a thousand times! Where is the problem?

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I presume you have already vacuumed the keyboard with a crevice tool to get rid of junk that occasionally cause sticky keys.
Next, close the top and turn it upside down. You will see 4–6 screws small that have a “K” (for keyboard) next to them. Tighten those screws. As you look at the bottom, I’m guessing the ones in the upper left are loose.

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I have done the vacuuming but not all the rest. Thanks, I will try.

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While you have it upside down you might as well tighten everything. Let us know how you make out.

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Another thing is that some laptops and computers come with a form of speech recognition. You may have accidentally turned it on and it’s capturing your talking or other sounds. This happened to me several times before I figured it out. If the maintenance suggestion doesn’t work, look to see if your speech recognition is on.

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It doesn’t have speech recognition.

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Is it a laptop with a removable battery? My 2007 MacBook (not Pro), had a removable battery, and someone seuggested I change it, after having the same problem. It worked! I guess batteries “swell” sometimes? Considering, at the time of changing it, it was presumably a couple of years old; I can’t remember how long ago it was, but I’d venture a guess and say it was at least 3 years into having the machine. Saved me from replacing the laptop for the time-being, and it still works.

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Yes it has a removable battery. I never have the battery attached though!

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