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What kind of theme park would you fantasize about setting up?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25284points) July 6th, 2012

Some guy in Detroit plans to create a zombie theme park to help stimulate the dead economy there. Lol. Anyways, I’ve read a few years ago, business minded folks in Transylvania were thinking of constructing a Dracula themed village for global vampire fans. I would definitely check that zombie theme park and vampire village if I could!

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I would like to see an all Medieval park like the Renaissance Fairs that are held around the country.

My oldest grandson is now working with some people who run Halloween Haunted houses every year. They have purchased a small amusement park near us and are renovating it to be a year round haunted house.

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An Anime themepark powered by UFP Holographic Technology. With Maid Caf├ęs and Brothels.

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A theme park based on hand crafted beer from around the world would earn my admission fee.

tuck a few stalls run by home growers in between the elephant ears and cotton candy and i’ll buy stock in the project . . .

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Westworld, so I could piss on Yul Brynner’s circuit board, right after I pistol whipped his bald robot head.

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a Monkey Island theme park, called… Big Whoop!

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First thought? An amusement park designed specifically for people with physical disabilities. Attach a conference center and hotel to it as well.

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A theme park where people could interact with animals.

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Sorry, but I have to say: marijuana based.

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A star wars theme park would be cool. I think visiting the Ewok village would be fun. Riding in a big AT-AT would be pretty amazing, or having a ride through an asteroid field.

A Zelda theme park would also be a blast.

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1000 holographic tu pacs park. gangster themed

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Money is no object when it comes to fantasy. So I’d buy a large, habitable island chain in a tropical sea and make of it an nation with a deep sea port, an airport, transportation system and housing with gorgeous sea views. I’d provide every sort of vacation experience—deep-sea and river fishing, skiing, boating, swimming, skin-diving, mountain hiking, sky-diving, etc.

My nation would be governed by the principle that there is no victim-less crime and that all citizens and visitors are personally responsible for what they get themselves up to. I’d not seek substances that are banned by the other nations of the world, but I would trade with any ships that show up with interesting chemistry aboard, and shop owners would be perfectly free to buy and sell these wares. Sexual behavior would only be a legal issue when it involved force or failure to gain consent of a partner. Consensual relations of any sort with anyone able to give informed consent would be legal, and any of the interesting chemicals that might show up in our shops could be used in those engagements.

I think I would find a steady stream of customers.

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@Blackberry I can just imagine spinning bongs instead of spinning tea cups in didney worl.

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@Blackberry a Harold and Kumar all naked rollercoaster ride?

@ragingloli Ok, maybe I’ll check that out before I go to Transylvania. : )

Goodness gracious, only now did I realize I forgot to include the link in my Q. @Symbeline, please check out the layout of the ZOMBIE PARK. Heh heh…

A link on Dracula’s proposed theme village from years ago…

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A zombie theme park, I’m up for that. If not, a general horror theme park would rock.

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Okay…theme. How about a sort of Lost, Myst, Survivors, Gilligan’s Island park? Visitors could choose from a variety of adventures based upon skill set and the duration of time spent.

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Historical geology theme park where rides take people on an educational trip back into billions of years of time on Earth. People would be treated to seeing truly colossal geological formations come and go as well as long extinct animals and plants once again flourish. Schools from around the world would send their students to this park not for fun (which would be a big factor) but for learning (which would be priceless).

It would become the best theme park ever or ever will be.

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