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What makes you instantly feel horrible?

Asked by minnie19 (435points) July 9th, 2012 from iPhone

For me if I make someone sad. I can not stand that.

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Fast Food.

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Passive aggressive behaviour

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I second what @stardust wrote. I would not exactly describe it as making me feel horrible, but I would say for sure I can’t stand it. It is the one thing that can make me completely want to disengage in a relationship and leave. All types of relationships, can be an SO, friend, work, family member. They can take a flying leap if they are going to be like that.

Also, when I realize I said something I really regret. I feel horrible about it, wish I could take it back, and I tend to dwell on it for a while. Some things come back to me in my memories years later, and the horrible feeling comes right back something triggers that memory.

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Those horrible, horrible animal cruelty television commercials with the oh-so-depressing music playing in the background. They make me cry.

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To see anyone cry.

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Pictures of suffering children.

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@laurenkem The one with “In the arms of the angels. . .”? That one makes me go into a sad coma for a while.

When someone hurts me and I lash out at them with whatever I know will hurt them. I’m prone to such sub-human behavior, and have yet to find a way to curb the reaction, as it is almost subconscious.

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When I accidentally say something stupid, and I should have known better. I recently asked a recovering alcoholic if he wanted a beer, when I was making a fridge run for everyone else. I know he’s a recovering alcoholic, but I completely forgot for a moment. UGH!

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@WillWorkForChocolate I know it is not exactly the same, but it is similar to what recently happened to you. Wierd.

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Yes, I know. The awesome thing is that everyone was involved in conversation, and he didn’t even hear what I said. I just felt like an idiot.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Don’t feel too bad. I stopped drinking in Feb and what you did is all part of the territory for reformed drinkers. Even last week on vacation my wife grabbed a beer out of the cooler and my son said why don’t you get daddy a beer!?! XD

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When my blood sugar goes to 360, like it is right now. I feel like an arthritic jellyfish that’s been dead for 3 weeks. Blugh.

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Old people naked & the thought of women/kids being beaten at home….got my priorities right at least ;¬}

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@ucme Can they be beaten in public?~

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@chyna Only on sundays

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The possibility of becoming seriously ill with no one and no money to help me.

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Animal cruelty.

Seeing parents scream at, hit and belittle their little tiny kids in public.

People that are on huge ego power trips, especially those people in positions of power where they can make a lot of decent hard-working people’s lives miserable.

People who lack compassion coupled, with extreme selfishness.


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When I make a mistake.
When a spider gets on me.
When I get angry.

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@YARNLADY , what about when a spider mistakenly gets on you and gets angry? Sorry, that’s not funny, but I was just playin’.

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The, recently, very frequent put-downs by my husband. Today, he called me ‘slow’ and complained about the backlog of laundry.

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When I get too angry at people. Here’s an example. Last Thursday I went to buy a new television. Got a Toshiba one, and then I get home with it, plug everything in and the damn thing won’t turn on. I brought it back the day after, and I was mad as hell. They tried it in the store, and it didn’t work, so I felt even more pissed off that they figured I just didn’t know how to hook it up. Okay I’m no good with electronics, and I often mess up. I hate wires, I just do. I don’t understand them and never will. However, I am smart enough to know that if you plug something in the wall and press the power button, something is supposed to happen. Both LCD and cathodic TV’s do something when you plug and turn em on.

The guy who sold it to me offered to replace it. But when I bought it the day before, he said it was his last one. I pointed this out to him, then a genuinely apologetic look came over his face as he admitted that he had another, which he tested just hours before. No doubt he had more, but I highly doubt they test out packaged merchandise. So this furthered my anger, because I hate when people think I’m so gullible, even if I kind of am haha. One TV out for display and that’s it.
But I was a real bitch about it, refused the replacement, took my money and left. I’m not even entirely sure why I was so angry, but I was. Got another TV somewhere else, and now God exists in my living room.

The salesman really seemed a bit upset about my situation and really wanted to help, but he was like a shark and wouldn’t stop insisting and I think I took it the wrong way, assuming he just wanted to manipulate me and get a sale done…except I can be a shark too, and he didn’t win against me. Thing is, I thought it over this on the weekend, and it makes me feel really bad, how I acted with him. I could have at least remained polite. You gotta watch yourself around salesmen, especially if you don’t know much about what you want to get. But me and my 700 bucks wouldn’t be told, and I was unnecessarily rude and harsh towards some guy who, in the end, is just trying to do his job. I understand these kinds of job go by commission, and way less on hourly wage, if any. Except I was so damn angry that rational thought wasn’t happening.

So that’s the example, sometimes I get overly angry and assume way too much about a person and their actions and leave them no chance at all, but I really regret it after. This sucks even more with people I know, but fortunately, this isn’t something that happens to me regularly. Still makes me feel like shit when it does happen, though.

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I hate when someone in my family gets sick and I can’t do anything to make it better. It is especially bad when one of the preschoolers is feeling bad and can’t tell me what is wrong.

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