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When is it okay to shout at the tv?

Asked by harple (10448points) July 13th, 2012

I have a friend who can’t stop himself from shouting at the tv when the politicians are on. Others, of course, shout during sport…

When do you shout at the tv?
What does it do for you?
How do you feel about others who shout at the tv? (It always makes me jump!)

When is it okay, in your house, to shout at the tv?

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When Obama is on it. LOL

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Politicians make me shout at the TV. What I say usually includes expletives.

My husband shouts at referees and players during football games.

It’s fine by me if people occasionally shout at the TV. It isn’t an every day occurrence, so I’m fine with it.

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Football or futbol season

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Hockey games. Fucking referees.

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When we’re watching Rocky.

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During Republican debates.

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Always. Nothing wrong with talking to a deaf inanimate object.

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Whenever someone with a right-wing opinion is on. That means whenever I see Mitt Romney, or if I over hear Fox “news.”

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I never shout loudly at the TV, but I do talk back to it at times, usually when something is on that makes me annoyed.

My husband shouts during sports mostly, and it is extremely annoying, grates on me. It is very loud and sudden, and nerve racking.

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Whenever a character does something really stupid that you know will end badly. This usually applies to movies (in my case, at least) but it can apply to many TV shows as well.

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@JLeslie I should introduce you to my S/O. You could console each other.

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When the fucking referee makes a blatant, in your face, schoolboy error resulting in a goal for any team playing against mine.
Of course, if my team should score, then happy shouting occurs & lots of it.

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If you aren’t aware it’s an inanimate object.

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At all times.

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I shout and jump up and down during football games. Otherwise I maintain a neutral tone of voice when I tell whichever face occupying the screen to go peddle their papers.

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When Jack found out he has a son with Linda, I literally lost my shit.

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If you are alone . . .any time and as loud as you wish. If the baby is sleeping. . .don’t.

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Only once a year do I shout at the TV: During the Iron Bowl. (Alabama vs. Auburn game)

I consider it a religious revival of sorts.

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My SO shouts at the TV when he’s watching sport.

My opinion – only acepptable when (a) you are alone in the house and (b) you are aware that it’s a waste of breath. No matter how loud you shout, the referree cannot hear you from your living room. And wouldn’t want your opinon anyway, even if he could.

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When your team loses the game.

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I rarely, if ever, shout at the TV. I get exasperated long before I feel the need and usually either change the channel or turn it off.

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@erichw1504 You are correct. They can’t hear me, and hollering will not make them run faster or dodge better. or blush in shame when I point out an idiotic statement.
Many years ago my younger sister told me that she wished there were a button she could push so the people on tv could hear our responses to them.
I confess that I still wish for that button.

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When it makes fun of you.

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My daughter had never watched 24 and was at our house when we were watching it.
One particular episode, Jack was up against the wall with no way out. She looked at us really strange when out of the blue Tony showed up to save the day and my husband and I sumitaniously screamed “TONY!!”

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@downtide I’m in the clear then, I know the wanker in black can’t hear me, but it does the soul good to rant at the fucker, even if it is from afar.

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It’s OK to shout at the television when you are with the other inmates before the nurse brings your medications, You must stop when the nurse arrives otherwise they put you in the quiet room for awhile.

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When it grows legs, teeth and comes after me with a chainsaw, I’m all like, come on man, don’t BE that way bro!

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I usually tend to shout out during Horror movies…‘looook behind you’’...‘nooo you idiot, don’t go there’...something along those lines!

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Yes. Especially when you are pissed on free wine. Yell at the TV and annoy your neighbours.

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