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Can three to four year old 35 MM film still be developed?

Asked by Roby (2939points) July 24th, 2012

I found several rolls of 35MM exposed film that I forgot I had. I am curious to see what is on them.

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I did the same thing and when I took them for developing they told me that thetevwas really no way to predict the outcome and I should be prepared to lose some or all of the pics.

But I got luck and all the pics came out fine.

You might as well try. Of a pic doesn’t come out right , they won’t charge you so you don’t lose anything.

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Once film is exposed the reactions don’t completely stop and it’s very possible colors will be weird or imbalanced. If you had the rolls in a freezer after shooting this would be minimized.
But for curiosity’s sake do it! You’ll get something… could be ‘artistic’ looking.

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I found several old rolls of film , and had them developed. They were pictures of my family, including my father. This was many years after my fathers death. It was a nice gift.

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We have a drawer full of film we need to have developed. (don’t ask, they just didn’t get done) Each year at Christmas for the past couple years we have some developed and have a memory gift. It’s great accidentally incurred fun.

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Yes have them developed and if they don’t come out at all they probably won’t charge you anyhow. Just get em put on a CD

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