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Corniest pick up line ever?

Asked by themherme (194points) June 1st, 2008

“Is your man made out of glass? I just wanted to know if he’s gonna break when you drop him for me!”

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I’ve got a thirst right now, baby, and you smell like my gatorade.

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Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see!

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are those space pants?
because your ass is out of this world.

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Let me rock your halo

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Not a pickup link but this actually came from a girl:
Hey i really liked the book on extraterrestrial forces. I really want to talk more about it with you. So can i get you email address or your number

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Are your feet tired?
you have been running through my mind all day.

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@mirza, Sorry but I’m confused…I don’t get it.

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“Your eyes are even bluer than the water in my toilet.”

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@wizard: its not really a pickup line. This girl basically wanted my number and since she saw me discussing this book with my friends, she said she was interested in the book. So she could talk to me later.

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oh, those are shoulder blades, i thought they were wings.

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can you catch love . . . because i’ve got a couple of balls coming your way

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seems like or sounds like a person would have to be very shallow or superficial in order to not appreciate a so call pick up line, last I heard no matter how supposedly corny or what have you a pick line is, buttonline it is an indication of interest to another human being, then of course people can be quite shallow/ superficial if the such pick up person is so call not physically pleasant or attractive.

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Last Halloween some hot girl dressed up as a slutty cheerleader said to me “Do you wanna get laid?” Wow! what a corny, cheesy line.

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I once saw someone pull a screw out of his pocket and hand it to a girl, and asked her “hey, wanna screw?”

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Guy: So tell me..did it hurt?
Girl: Did what hurt?
Guy: When you fell from heaven.

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Nice shoes…wanna f**k?

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Corniest? how about:

If your down about the guy your with I can lend you an ear.

ear. of corn.

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I wish I could type the sound of a rimshot.

bu dum bah

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are you a parking ticket.. cause you’ve got fine written all over

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@ melly6708 that is funny. Did someone use that on you????

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no.. ive heard it everywhere.

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hey girl. I’ve got my library card and checking you out!

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are you an angel? Cuz you must have fallen from heaven!

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Baby, you so fine I’d drink a whole tub of your bathwater!

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I took one look at you and was a MAIZEd

(‘nother corn pun)

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You be Dairy Queen and I’ll be Burger King: You treat me right, and I’ll do it your way.

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what? Oh I’m sorry I thought you asked for my number.

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are you from Jamaica because jamaking me crazy

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Miss, you dropped something…my jaw.

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