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What activity, if made an Olympic sport, would you win gold in?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14671points) July 31st, 2012

Remember, dressage is already a real sport, and tax deductible. So you can’t surprise these people.

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Breastfeeding. Well… I’m sure that I’m past my prime milk producing days, but I did hear a wee babe cry the other day and felt some “let down”. I bet I could make a comeback!

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I’d say “masturbation,” but there are probably some real pros out there who have put more thought into it than I ever will. I’m pretty badass at the cup game. I’m sure I could at least be a contender.

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Annoying my husband.

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You might have to battle it out with me @Mr_Paradox

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I will…................. later

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Speed reading (and comprehension). I could medal in that.
Sarcasm. Not sure how the competition would go, but I could qualify.

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Giving oral pleasure.

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Humping, fatherhood & dwarf tossing….not so much a decathlon, more a kick arse party.

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@Mr_Paradox I’ll be practising, if I get around to it.

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@Mr_Paradox @Adagio I’d guess that the gold medal procrastinators are among those who haven’t gotten around to answering this question yet. Maybe they haven’t even gotten around to signing up for Fluther.

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