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How to come down from a psychological high, fast?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21611points) August 23rd, 2012

Ok, so I had a real busy day. I have not had any energy drinks or coffee but I am real hyped up, almost like if I were on speed or something.

I am basically too full of energy, it is 11pm, I need to be awake at 8am, and this buzz seems like it will go on forever.

How can you come down fast from a psychologically provoked energy high?

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Warm bath, glass of milk, quiet, pet your dog/ cat (fur is soothing)...sometimes if you just close your eyes and let your thoughts race, you can picture your ‘happy place’ and it will automatically calm you. It works for me. Or if that doesn’t work sex/ orgasm.

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I read a book or answer questions on Fluther..

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Watch sports on TV. Read a boring book. Listen to calm music. Make love.

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Use the moment to your advantage. Exercise vigorously.

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Orgasm, with or without a friend.

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Read a dull book until you’re sleepy.

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Search YouTube for yoga sequences. Use the key words Yoga and Pranayama. Pranayama is breathing. They will show you how to fully exhale and slow down your mind.

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