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Are shootings really increasing in Chicago or being reported more often?

Asked by Aster (19883points) August 27th, 2012

I keep reading about all the shootings in Chicago and wonder if nothing has changed or if , for unknown reasons, shootings are increasing?

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Here is a report on murder in Chicago. I just took a quick look and it appears that the number of murders per year has been decreasing since 1991. From what I can tell, murders are up slightly this year, however, from 2011.

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It isn’t that the entire city is having that kind of trouble, mainly those problem areas such as Englewood and other high poverty areas. Many of these killings do not get national attention like the mass shootings in other places and then they beat those stories to death. Even though there are more deaths annually in Chicago a couple at a time than all these crazy mass events.I think it might be because in Chicago the dead are pretty much all black people in black neighborhoods and to the media, not worth covering. They would need a permanently housed news team in those bad areas dedicated to getting the story out each time.

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