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What do you pay for cable TV/Internet? (no phone)

Asked by seekingwolf (10387points) September 8th, 2012

I finally got around to getting cable TV and Internet. I am on a family plan for cell service which costs me $40/month so I don’t need or want home phone service.

I ended up getting basic digital cable with 1 DVR box, plus 10 Mbps Internet (but I really get 25 Mbps speed) for $106/month, tax included. I expect it to go up by $15–20 bucks in a year when the promo ends, judging by others’ experiences with the company. I go to Time Warner. The only other choice was DSL. So I was kinda stuck.

I initially thought I was getting a good deal but I’ve had some tell me I’m paying too much. I don’t think I am but I am not sure. I want more input.

Some will say that I should just cut cable but I don’t want to. I actually use it and enjoy it. I go out far less than people my age and enjoy having my apartment be comfortable for my boyfriend and I to live in. I work nights and I take relaxing VERY seriously lol.

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Comcast Ultra High Speed Internet. It averages $185 a month with all the premium Channels my wife loves and the 35 Megs down, 15 megs up that I love.

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I don’t have any premium channels, just the basic stuff and free on-demand too. Those speeds sound wonderful. I worried that 10Mbps wouldn’t be enough for my boyfriend and I but honestly, I brought my own amazing modem and the speeds are much better than I expected.

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I don’t since there is no cable here. However, I am thrilled to have an antenna (installed in 1986) that gets me everything I want for free, including three different PBS channels and reruns of Maude, All in the Family, Sanford and Son, Starsky and Hutch, The Jeffersons, I spy, Star Trek, The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, two weather channels, two old movie channels and all the major networks.

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$108 for a few more channels than basic, wireless internet, and 1 DVR. TWC tried to end our promotional period early, so my husband called and complained. We ended up getting a few more channels for the same price for another year. When it did end, the bill went up to $135.

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Way too much! Roughly $175/month for digital cable, DVR, HBO, and high speed internet. I’ll be ditching all but the basic cable & internet this week.

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I pay £80 a month ($128) for phone service, 11 Megabyte Internet and all Sky channels apart from sport. It’s a good deal apart from the Sky channels. If I drop them I will pay £24:50 a month ($39)

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I pay around what @ETpro pays for same provider: About $185 a month and after fees and other crap it’s close to $200, I believe. It’s deducted automatically from my bank account so I don’t usually even look at the bill. I have Comcast just like he does, and I have a DVR as part of that, and it includes HBO, On Demand and about 200 other channels (at least, although I never watch a bunch of them so I don’t even know what I have), internet and phone. I really should get it reduced because I almost never watch HBO and yet I’m paying extra for it.

When I moved here around 12 years ago, I was paying $75 a month, and I had unlimited phone calls to most of the NY metropolitan area, NJ, CT (all nearby). Then they added on $20 per month and made that calling plan include the whole country, which I didn’t care for, since I almost never call anywhere outside the NY metro/tri-state area. However, I had no choice. Then everything else went up and up and at one point I added HBO so I could watch True Blood, which I didn’t watch this season anyway, so I really need to call Comcast and get that bill down. First I need to see what shows are DVR’d from HBO because if I cancel HBO, I think the DVR’d HBO shows will disappear from my DVR.

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I am disgusted by cable television prices. Introductory rates offered to new customers while loyal ling term customers are charged incredibly high prices piss me off. Forget the tax tax tax added. Worse, when you agree to start up with a cable company they basically lie about what the total bill will be with taxes added, or say they can’t be sure what the total will be. Can’t be sure? That is ridiculous and lacks so much integrity I can barely stand to know people actually say such a thing. Millions of customer buy the same service and they can’t know what the final bill is until they bill me? Disgusting. I tried to google how much profit comcast made last year and could not easily fnd a numberm I could only find percent increases over the year before and revenue dollars. Needess to say it looks like they are doing ok. I wish a few million of us would cancel service all within one week stating high prices and force them down. They have a monopoly in many places, and even where there is competition there still seems to be collusion more than competition when it comes to pricing.

I think my bill for phone, TV, and internet is $180 more or less. I just looked into phone and TV for my aunt and I was quoted $79.99 and supposedly with taxes it would be $89. I don’t believe it. I bet if I ask them for the estimate in writing they will say they can’t do that, we’ll see. But, really what can we do? If we don’t all take a stand, we just will keep opening our checkbooks and paying.

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@JLeslie: Someone I know has satellite dish and she’s happy with it, the price and the channels, but of course it doesn’t include phone or internet. You’re absolutely right about all you said about cable companies and their pricing, service and monopolies. I heard from several people that when you call to cancel, you get switched to the “Retention Department” where they try to talk you out of it and then will eventually give you a better deal with more channels.

I know when I had cancelled my HBO in the past, then wanted to start it up again, I was given the first 6 months free, as a new customer, even though technically I wasn’t new, but I got the “new” deal. I think that it’s about $20 extra I pay for the HBO channels. Of course, the $20 plus taxes and fees makes $150 turn to $200 very quickly.

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$70/mo 15/5 internet and basic (the real basic – about 5 channels) tv. Verizon FIOS.

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Figure on $50 per element (TV basic – Internet 10 meg down and 6 up – Phone domestic long distance free)

The way to get back to the intro pricing is “GO BACK IN A YEAR” they will find a promo to bring it back to intro pricing most times.

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I actually managed to find my first bill (I activated recently) online and found that they added $5 Showtime. I didn’t ask for that and specifically asked for NO premium channels or any channel that would cost me extra. Looks like I’m gonna have to call and take that off, but it lowers the cost to about $101/mont.

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Comcast Business Internet (which costs a bit more monthly, but guarantees immediate remedy if the high-speed cable internet goes down) for $58/mo.

Satellite TV with “family” channels (which oddly includes crap we don’t find family-appropriate at all, but does not include NatGeo or TLC which our kids would LOVE to have) + HBO is $55/month.

So, together $113/month—but to two separate providers.

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So, I called the cable company and asked how much it would be to downgrade to the most basic cable TV/high speed internet deal they offer. They told me that it would be $130/month, and I’d be losing half my channels on that plan. Then they offered me the current ‘special’, which kept everything I already had, for $140/month, down from the $175 I posted above ^^. What a racket.

Looks like I’ll be canceling cable TV altogether, anyway. Can’t afford the $130, even.

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@augustlan Once you cancel then eventually you can restart with them for the introductory price. I know several people who just use antenna by the way. I think it works really well if you are near a major city, lots of channels. But, I have a feeling you are not close to a major city.

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