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What are some good physical workouts?

Asked by waterskier2007 (2050points) June 4th, 2008

Im trying to lose a little weight put on during freshman year, yes the freshman 15 is real. what are some workouts you guys do. i go to the gym 5 days a week so i have that equipment at my disposal

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Push-ups are my favorite, they are a quick two-frame exercise, that dominate the pecs, upper-back, biceps triceps and your core (including chest) all at the same time. Work-out machines are great, but I’ve seen some fast results from my push-ups. Do about 20 reps, and 3 sets a-day for a month and compare it to a month at the gym.

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yeah, im just looking for stuff that doesnt get repetitive like push ups. for some reason i have never liked them i and i was in great shape before without doing them so i try to avoid them haha

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@waterskier, they are repetitive, ain’t that the glory of it all?

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Check out P90X workout tapes. They are some of the greatest I have ever used. The two most intense are plyometrics and yoga xtreme. Just imaging jumping and squatting for 45 minutes, that’s plyo. And yoga is just yoga…

Also, check if your gym has ergometers (rowing machines) I’m on a crew (rowing) team, and erging is one of the most intense workouts you can get. Try rowing 2k prices on them while keeping your rate below 1:50 per 500 meters. Not only great cardio, but it builds a lot of muscle in every part of the body.

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nice suggestion, i have a friend on the rowing team at school whos also in pretty good shape so i would say it most likely works

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The best workout I’ve ever gotten in my life was through Aikido. You won’t believe the abs you get.

You also walk away with a skill. Something a pair of dumbells won’t give you.

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Sincerhe start of the rowing season I’ve lost 3 inches, 15lbs and gained a huge amount of muscle. So yeah, it works.

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I like to do cardio cardio cardio and then I do what I like to call the Ab Odyssey of Fun. Pick a number of different ab exercises that you like the best and then I do sets of 25 each and do each set of them right after one another. I always do the bicycle abs last partly because they are my favorite and after all those sets of abs it makes it even harder. :)

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