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Is the old saying true, do fish and house guests stink after three days?

Asked by thebeadholder (872points) June 5th, 2008 from iPhone

Just curious as to how you feel…

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I like having guests, but I guess I am lucky in the sense that all my house guests have been nice, polite, very clean and also good friends (so the time just flies).

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Depends on the guest…and their guestly manners, if you catch my drift…

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depends on your Meyers-Briggs score. If you’re an extrovert, guests are needed. If you’re
an introvert, you need alone time, and no matter how much you love the people who are
interrupting it, you suffer.
I don’t find that fish necessarily stink after 3 days.

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Which are you, Susan? I’m an INTJ…definitely need alone time.

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what is a fish and house guest?

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cruise ships are seriously rank on the last day aboard

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Trains are rank after 2 days because they don’t open the windows.

@nocountry, I am INTJ too, but I lied on some of the questions because I wanted
to think of myself as a good community member – this was years ago. Since then
I don’t care if I’m a good community member and I’m sure my I/E dot had drifted
strongly I-wards.

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Fish has a very distinctive smell from day one…......and so do some houseguests! But yes, they will reek if they hang around too long.

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a refrigerator might help with the fish, and a separate space with its own bathroom can help with the overnight guests.

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My Father used to say that all the time, and he was right!

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I totally agree. I love my family but after three days together our differences clash and its time for them to move on.

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Benjamin Franklin coined this and I think he was right. Especially if you’ve lived a quiet, almost private life for decades.

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