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If monkeys could talk, would they say they believed in god?

Asked by Elm1969 (500points) November 2nd, 2012

Do monkeys have a monkey god or do they believe in evolution?

Would a monkey have seen the transformation

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Monkeys would say they evolved from humans. I’m thinking they may be right.

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@glacial I’m not serious, but we have a lot of people here that would have to learn from monkeys.

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I meant in response to the question…

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@glacial Sorry. I thought you were offended by my answer. :)

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Some humans believe in god some don’t. If monkeys could talk would they say the same? I know that we can commuincate with these primates, have they ever been asked the question?

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Probably just after “You want banana?” and just before “You want hug”?

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It’s hard to imagine any monkey getting really engaged if his trainer asked him, “Hey, dude. What’s your view of eschatology?”

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Humans did not evolve from monkeys. Nor did we evolve from apes, to whom we are more closely related. Primates share a common ancestor, but none of the currently extant primates evolved from one another. Moreover, evolution takes so long that no living monkey could have seen the transition take place. And since monkeys have neither a written nor spoken language complex enough to pass on histories or religions, they lack the prerequisites for belief in either a monkey God or evolution.

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Thank you. That was beautifully succinct. Also, succinctly beautiful.

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If they could talk, they would not be monkeys. Nice try.

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If monkey’s could talk that would be awesome, but if they could talk I guess they would say whatever they want to and have to say.

And until we have someway to communicate with monkeys or any other species we have absolutely no way for sure to know what is going on in their monkey heads, or in any of their heads.

However I am pretty sure that the intellectual, emotional and social lives, that the interior lives of animals, are much more complex, nuanced and rich than we humans, so far, have been willing to give them credit for.

I imagine the thoughts of a primate are more complex than that of a planarian, but still, no way to tell what’s going on in that little planarian head or heads, of theirs. You cut a planarian in half and you can get two planaria. Maybe that’s a real WTF moment for planaria, to suddenly become two when they were just one a second before? Who knows

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They would worship King Kong. Godzilla would be their equivalent of Satan.

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pfft….... they sing.

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No, they would not.

They don’t really have a concept of time and death, they think everything is going to last forever. From their point of view, they are already living the immortal-heaven style life.

Whatever is going on in their head, they probably think this is it.

As for monkeys seeing the transformation of evolution, it does not work like that.

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No, they’re all ape-eists!

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@poisonedantidote That video was terrific – thanks for posting.

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Monkeys have a very hard time with the concept of self. I use to work with them in medical research. When they look into a mirror they think that it is another monkey. Therefore the concept of God is likely a bit out of their reach of comprehension.

@poisonedantidote Great video! HA!

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They worship Hanuman, DUH !

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No, belief in God is one of the things that makes us different. Not better, different.

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What??????? If monkeys could talk they wouldn’t be talking about GOD.

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Nah they’d say they believed in Hinduism

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The first question would be, I am sure, “Honey, do I look fat in these Oshkosh’s?”
Followed by, “What does my dream mean?”

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