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Why is Fluther so laggy?

Asked by Buttonstc (27557points) November 6th, 2012 from iPhone

Or am I the only one experiencing this.

It’s been happening for the last few hours.

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One of our servers is down. We’re working on it! A terrible time for it to happen, too…election night. Ack!

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I thought it was just my computer.

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Thanks for the prompt response Auggie.

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Should be all better now. :)

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Thank you auggie!

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Psh, I just reported it. Thanks to Ben for actually fixing it!

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7:24 pm on the west coast and there was a bit of a lag the first few minutes I was on, but… seems better now.

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@augustlan But the fact that you have him on speed dial….

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Yep thanks. I experienced minimal problems here today, lag was short lived, which was why I haunted this site all day. Some reason all political sites or election coverage were just… bah, beyond fitful.

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It’s slow again for me, and things aren’t updating as they should be. Example: I go look at a Q from Activity for You, then I go back to Activity for You & the question I just looked at is still in the cue.

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For me, the site was down for hours—five or six, I think. All I could get was the “over capacity” message.

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I slept all-damn-day, so I didn’t know anyone was having issues again. Sorry! If anyone is still having trouble, try clearing your cache (history/cookies) and restarting your browser.

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