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I need help with an eBay haggler might you have some advice?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4372points) November 11th, 2012

I have some records for sale. I never listed any “combined shipping” option. Some guy is following all my listings and has won two.

1. He first won an auction
2. He asked if there was combined shipping
3. I told him no I have not listed combine shipping
4. He wins a second auction
5. He is now questioning why I don’t do combine shipping

How should I respond to this user? Can I block him from further bidding? He’s acting very entitled to something to an option I never listed plus he is being unreasonable as if I’m some power house seller, and he is not even guaranteed to win any auction.

Am I being the unreasonable one? These are rare records and bidding started at .99$ and he has won them from beyond dirt cheap! 5$ a piece and typically they would sell from 25–35$.

What should I do?

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Oh and also he won an auction with free shipping on the second one.

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Combine the shipping. It’s not that much more and easier for you. If you don’t want to sell your items for a pittance set a reserve.

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Respond that the offers were listed and he knew the terms when he bid on the items

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Just stay firm on the conditions of your listing. If he doesn’t pay just relist it and notify Ebay.

You are not required to do anything other than what you clearly specified in your listing. He’s already getting a bargain with the one you listed as free shipping.

If he didn’t like the terms he shouldn’t have bid.

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So—is he trying to get you to send them both at once for free? If not, how is it a problem for you to ship them together? I’d think it would be easier. Just asking.

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Take his money and mail him a brick I say. Why bid on a 2nd thing when you have already been told no. He is at fault in my opinion.

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Screw him. He read the listing, asked a question, you gave him the answer, and now he’s just being annoying.

Make sure you send everything to him with Delivery Confirmation, so he doesn’t try to pull the “I didn’t get it” game. Douche.

I’m so over eBay assholes.

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This is precisely why I always offer “free” shipping, especially on Media mail items, that way buyers can’t complain about shipping fees or speed, and if I ship promptly, they have no star reviews offered to them ;)

You should combine the shipping. If you were intending on avoiding ebay fees via charging higher for shipping fees, you should know that Paypal charges you based on your total sale price with shipping, so you aren’t saving any fees or making any extra money this way.

You should be as up front as possible in your listings.

If you really don’t want to combine shipping, email him and work out a cancel transaction agreement with him.

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BTW: What you see as a haggler @_Whitetigress, sees himself as your customer.
IMO: What he is doing is not haggling, but asking for service.

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I assure you Spatzie, he was not asking for service. But demanding it. He wrote to me in a way that was assuming there was combined shipping option. Also very condescending. As far as I’m concerned, it would have been stated if there was combined shipping or not. I’m really over the entitled customer. There are plenty other customers who have bidded, he just happens to win them. What sucks is that he won first, before asking about all these options. He’s sort of twisting my arm. He’s abusing and manipulating the situation in my opinion.

The reason I charge shipping and handling is because I take time out of my very busy schedule to get to the records out in the first place. All they have to do is kick back and wait for item to arrive.

Anyhow, I’ll be offering free USPS media shipping from now on. I told the son of a gun I’d offer him 2$ per additional item.

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