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Have you ever created a false Fluther persona to ask an embarrassing question?

Asked by Tachys (1525points) November 22nd, 2012

Maybe it is better to ask if you would condone creating a new Fluther persona in order to ask an embarrassing question that you did not want associated with your profile. Would you condone this? Have you done this? I cannot ask you what the question was, obviously, but can you describe the question?

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Yes, I’ve done this. Lots of people have, and I don’t see anything wrong with it.

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Yes, I’d still prefer people did not know of those questions lolllll.

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No. And who are you really?

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Yes, I have. Fluther specifically condones this as a reason for multiple accounts. And I can’t answer your final question, sorry – I have forgotten what my “secret” question was, and the screenname as well.

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No, that is silly. If I ever started to have a mental break down and become full of paranoia, guilt and fear, I would simply keep it to myself.

What do you think I am? Some kind of person who would seek out advice on the internet, as part of some desperate clutching at straws to make myself feel better.

Why the very idea is preposterous I tell you.

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<—- This is not my real name.

Yes. I’ve done it. (Don’t ask.)

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I haven’t.

But I did register a account when I was in the ER from my iPod Touch after getting a EKG. I posted to let Allie know that I was OK. I was chatting with her and my last AIM message was something like “I think I am having a heart attack”.

PnL deleted that post. It was the only way I had to let Allie know that I was Okay. I don’t know any of my passwords so I had to make a new account.

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No. I haven’t.

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Seeing as this is the internet and I dont know any of you, I have never done this though it might be fun to be that guy that got a lightbulb stuck up his behind and ask if anybody knows how to get it out without breaking the glass.

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Never. I don’t ask embarrassing questions, and I don’t do embarrassing things. I’m 53 this year, all the embarrassing stuff was in my teens and early 20’s and at this time of life I have most of the answers. I’m more the adviser than the advisee. lol

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I’ve probably asked some embarrassing questions on here, but I’ve never created another profile to do so. This is the one social networking site I’m on where people know neither my name nor what I look like, and I like it that way.

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@LuckyGuy how do you get olive oil around the bulb if its… there? I think this question needs to be addressed

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I haven’t created a nom de plume here: I use Milo, who is comfortable asking the embarrassing questions in our family.

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Nope. I haven’t felt the need to do so yet.

Would I condone it? Sure. It’s one of the main reason Fluther allows multiple accts. and that makes sense.

If it’s good enough for Fluther, it’s good enough for me.

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We definitely allow this.

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I don’t believe in shame.

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@psyonicpanda Given the holiday I’d recommend using a turkey baster.

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Nope, but you never know, I could want to ask an ugly personal question tomorrow and have to do it!

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I know some people do this but I haven’t done so myself and I don;t think I would. Joining up a new account and making your first post an embarrassing question kind of gives it away that it’s someone’s alt account.

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The thought did cross my mind because there were a few very personal questions that I wanted to ask. I just don’t want to create another account to ask an occasional question, and considering that those questions were of much imporatance to me while I might not get answers that would help me much, my motivation for creating another account went out the door.

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