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In which way would you like to make a difference in the world?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 5th, 2012

Would you like to conquer the entire world and bring peace and balance to the world or something awesome like that ? In a negative or a positive way ?

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I have very unapproachable parents (they’re great, but you just don’t talk to people like them). I’d like to be there and make a difference for other kids/teens with parents like mine.

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1) create a breakthrough in laser technology.
2) discover the mystery of time and get my theory accepted.
3) world peace.
4) help the less fortunate.
5) cure cancer although i believe it is already in the process of being successfully cured to some extent. We’re halfway there, I think.

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I would like to write the joke to end all wars. Well, maybe not all of it, just the punchline. I haven’t got a death wish, after all. Give that another few weeks.

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I have zero interest in making a difference in the world. I simply don’t think in terms of “saving the world”.

I have a major interest in the health and comfort of my family. I don’t have the skills or motivation to cure cancer or explore Mars.

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I would like to exit stage left having brought sufficient joy with the least amount of damage to my children, a relatively small carbon footprint while having helped out a few people with my donated, hopefully still healthy organs – and in silence – without too much fanfare.

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Free, clean energy, replicators, warp drive, teleportation, the end of religion.

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I already contribute to the world by simply utilizing my gifts and strengths that come naturally.
I have a great sense of humor and people tell me all the time that I “made their day” just by being my usual witty and verbose self. Like charity, making a difference starts at home, doing what one can in the moment, where they are, and setting in motion small ripples of good will.
I too do not concern myself with the “world”, maybe I couldn’t bring home the street cats of Taiwan in my travels, but I can adopt a couple cats from my own local shelter.

Maybe I will never be a famous comedienne but I can spread around the laughs in my daily travels.

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War is never a good way to resolve problems. It’s a last resort, and even if your side wins, there are repercussions for generations.

I would like to make a difference through teaching and persuading.

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Cure lazyness…. Or maybe just kill off a bunch of useless people and raise the national average IQ by a few points.

Yeah, both of those sound pretty good.

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@Deshi_basara That’s a scary thought, eliminating those that YOU deem “less than” and somehow inferior. Smacks of arrogance and elitism, uh…can you spell N-A-Z-I? Shiver

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@coloma You can say what you want, we are all entitled to our own opinions. However, I feel if you were honest with yourself for a moment you would come to find that my judgement would not be completely off base. Think about your daily life and how many people you come in contact with on a daily basis that are completely useless to society. Swag yolo anyone?

And the Nazi’s were prejudice against certain groups based on heradity, religion, and other physical and asthetic factors. My prejudice would only be against those who have proven themselves to be gutter-snipes. It may not be flowery and poetic, but this world’s gene pool needs a little bleach and some new filters.

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@Deshi_basara While that may be true it is still incredibly arrogant to ass-ume that only you hold the ultimate monopoly on just who needs the bleaching. You surmise that somehow you are in a position to make this judgement call. I’m not looking for an argument, just sayin’.

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@Coloma Insult aside, is it not arrogant to think that one person is capable of changing the world as a whole? Even then, how can you say that you are contributing to the world? “I utilize my gifts and humor”. So do I, in fact; I do the job of 3 people every day. 2 people quit at my office and I have held their responsibilities for over 4 months now. That is a major use of my skills. But as we are apart of the world, outside of this website have you ever felt my contribution? No, and I have not felt yours. Why? Because a single person cannot make an impact outside of their immeadiate area.

You can’t post something like that then say you aren’t looking for an argument. That’s like saying “With all do respect, go screw yourself”. Arrogant are not the ones who seek change. Arrogant are the ones that are so self rightous to think they alone can make a difference. Think before you speak, and don’t be quick to judge or insult others, but even more so, do mistake your age for wisdom. There are pleanty of fools who simply became old fools.

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@Deshi_basara The Nazis also killed people who were mentally retarded and physically disabled.

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@JLeslie Truth. But seeing as how that wasn’t in support of my side I just kinda left that out… (censorship comment anyone?)

Anyway. I’m done with the digression here. Been fun, but I’m going to unfollow now.

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What I fantasize about is being part of a team that makes an extraordinary educational breakthrough that greatly facilitates the spread of knowledge.

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I wish I could. But we can in “our” world. I am currently trying to do that in my world. An ex husbands death and four wives. Perhaps we can all somehow bond, and realize that women should be helping each other instead of putting each other down.

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The only thing I’d like to change, and I hope I make progress on that every day, is to help people realize that being more kind to people whose lives tough their own has a ripple effect. We can all help initiate the Kindness Project.

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I try to live my life in a way of being kind to others and showing respect. I don’t believe it is within people’s power to change the world however. Jer. 10:23.

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It seems we all—to one degree or another—harbor ideas that we know what’s best for others.

I wonder if it might not be possible to contribute in a way that allows each individual to attain their own self-actualization?

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I have never thought I was important enough to have any great impact on the world. My contribution is to live my life in the best way I can. And if anyone else learns by my example, then that is a plus.

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@Coloma before you replied to them I assumed they were joking but upon seeing their corresponding replies I realized they were actually serious haha. such people are the ones who should be wiped out I think

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