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What do you think of Crocs shoes?

Asked by Babo (1798points) June 7th, 2008 from iPhone

Babo loves Crocs!

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I think they are comfortable and you should wear them around the house. I personally think its really tacky to wear them around like normal shoes all the time. It actually kinda annoys me.

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They are WONDERFUL!! I used to work for a podiatrist and he swears by them. He has a “duck yellow” pair that he wears when he has a long surgery to do because they are so comfortable.

@phoenyx the story says: It’s not just Crocs that pose a danger—any soft, pliable shoe, even flip-flops, can be dangerous on an escalator.

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Any shoe can be dangerous on an escaltor if you’re a careless idiot.

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I don’t get it. They look like hell, like something that they would sell in a thrift store. They obviously only cost a couple of pennies to produce and sell a pair for 50 bucks. That’s ridiculous! I guess people will buy anything to be cool.

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They are ugly as sin. I’ll give you that. But they are extremely comfortable. I have the knock offs, and they are much cheaper than 50 bucks. I think they were closer to $20.00.

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looks…uggggglllly. I dont know about feel I refuse to put a pair on.

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I personally think they are ugly, but someone once told me the most comfortable shoes are the ugliest! I have a pair, but I only wear them around the house. I have never worn them out of the house, but they are super comfortable when doing house work.

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I love mine. Both how they look and how they feel. And the company does good things.

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They are atrocious and seriously offensive to the entire shoe wearing community of the world. I LOATHE them.

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If they could be recycled, I’d think they were awesome.

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I also have a pair of Bite sandals. They are ugly, but comfy too! My orthotics fit nicely in them.

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@pupntaco: they can be recycled. Check out:

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Ugly and overpriced fad shoes

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I think they are so ugly

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I agree syz they are overpriced for ugly shoes.

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I wouldn’t waist 50 bucks just to where them in the house, personally i wouldnt get them, but maybe if someone bought them for me i would probably where them in the house only.

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FYI not all styles are $50. I actually bought mine at Costco and paid $22.

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oh i still think they are a waist of money.

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fugliest. shoes. EVER. comfort or no comfort – have some respect for yourselves people!
see also: mandals

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They remind me of the old Jelly shoes that were a fad a while back. For me personally, the ones that really make me hack are the crocks with fur! OMG, gag! But who am I to judge what everyone in the world should or should not wear. If you like ‘em then by all means wear ‘em. To each his/her own. :-)

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omg when I was little I loved jelly shoes !!!!!!

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@ banjo: cool, at least they’re good for something.

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i loved jellies and there are trying to bring them back.

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my brother has a pair and he wears them to work… ugly as helllll, but he says they are very comfortable. jeez, who hasn’t said what I said…. i just wasted about 1 minute of my life that I’ll never get back…

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i think there ugly as hell. but if you like them by all means wear them. i wear solid lime green d.c. manteca shoes at the moment and people either love them or hate them.

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Croc-haters unite! WOW! I know so many people who wear them and love them. I first saw them in the hospital. They seem like great hospital shoes. So, I searched them out like four years ago and got myself a pair. I love em! Before EVERYONE was wearing them, I was. I got out of the car one day and my friend refused to be seen with me. I refused not to wear them and told him to accept me for the freak that I am!!

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I refused to wear crocs for the longest time, because they are truly hideous. But then, one day, I cut my head open trying to learn to surf, and while walking down the costa rican shore to reach the car that would take us to the doctor, my sandal broke.
desperate times call for desperate measures. my parents bought me crocs. i tried to resist, but there was really no time, as i needed stitches pretty badly.
and getting a pair was half the battle…
when you wear them, it sorta feels like you’re walking on clouds. they are good for any terrain, be it on the beach, in water, on mountains, in the house…
...the other half of the battle now, is trying to convince myself not to wear them in public too often.
i have definitely been converted.

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i love mine. but learned the hard way that they melt. careful wearing them too close to a campfire. oops.

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pixiequeen12: so do you liv in costa rica because my dream is to live there but i’ve never been just heard stuff about. but if you dont liv there how is it anyway? does that mean you speak spanish too?

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Handy when nursing a broken toe.

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They came in handy when I had surgery on both feet.

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Babo still loves Crocs!
I’m a rebel!!!

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And at least with crocs you get to be a colourful rebel :)

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Something about the image of a rebel in comfortable shoes provides an interesting dichotomy. It seems like most rebels wear uncomfortable looking boots of some sort. Unless they are rebelling against uncomfortable footwear. : )

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no. i’m boring; i live in ny. but costa rica is beautiful and well worth a trip (not for the scuba diving though)

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pixiequeen12: oh and why not scuba diving sounds fun.

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That’s the ticket Babo , stick to your guns!!

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they seem pretty comfy and have cute colors.

that being said, they’re also extremely impractical and not very appealin to the eye.
but hey, to each his own :)

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