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Do you still have your pinky toe/ pinky toe nail?

Asked by jcs007 (1770points) June 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I heard somewhere that we don’t use our pinky toes for balance. Even if you try to “stand on your tippy toes,” you’ll probably notice that your pinky toe doesn’t do any work. Soooo, did your genes grant you only 8 toes / 8 toe nails and 10 toes?

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Hmm. I have all ten toes and all ten toenails… and they’re all painted hot pink. =]

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I have the silliest little nib of nail on my pinky toes…but there’s enough to paint, as Allie says!

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I have a dweezle on both little toes. it basically means you can feel them, but not see them, because they are is so small. Supposedly that’s what the Zappa’s called them, thus giving their son Dweezle his now famous name. I can’t even polish them they are so small. I also have a third of each of the nails on my big toes, but that’s another story.

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LOL! I’m the odd one I have not only my pinky toe nails, but one toe actually has an extra nail. My youngest son has the same thing too.

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I also have all ten toes and nails. (bright orange with flowers painted on the big toes hehe)

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gee, I think I need to go get a pedi. (hiding my ragged 21 toe nails now)

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hahaha I have lots of nail on my pinky toes NOW I WILL CRUSH YOU ALL

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My pinky toe nails rip off regularly. They’re really small and crappy looking.

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I’ve got all ten toes and theyre painted a pretty red color!

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i have all 10. theyre so annoying to cut though because they are squished right onto my skin so getting a toe nail clipper under to cut is a pain. Mine aren’t painted though, I can not stand the feeling of taking toe nail polish off my toes.

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Just this morning I was thinking that my pinky toenail is starting to get smaller and uglier, and I was wondering if I could just have it removed, and spare it getting all gross and ingrown over the years.

I was wondering if it would grown back, or if it would just heal over and be a nice, clean, nailless toe.

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You know. Toes are sooooo weird. Especially the pinkie toe

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my mom has half a pinky toe on each foot. It’s hard to explain, but it looks sorta like she’s missing a bone in the toe. She’s a yoga teacher, and it hasn’t affected her balance or anything at all. She’s very self conscious about it, but I tell her she’s just more evolved. (She has all ten toe nails, however.)

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@pixiequeen, how interesting that %99.9 of all professions probably wouldn’t call for some one to ever show their toes, but your mom is a yoga instructor.

I think it’s a sign. That her toes are awesome. :)

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I broke my pinky toe this year, and it made me appreciate the little freaks like never before. Even if you don’t necessarily feel them “move” most of the time, it feels odd to have one (or both, I can imagine) totally immobile. Oh, and it still hurt when I walked.

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