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How would US politicians react when zombies invade Capitol Hill?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) December 14th, 2012

Let’s throw in the US Supreme Court judges as well, why don’t we? In light of the ongoing fiscal cliff debate and all the rest of whatever is going on in the White House, the Senate and the House of Reps, what do you think our beloved Dems and Repubs would say…and do once zombies start walking up and down the Mall-? Heh heh.

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If the zombies come bearing donations, the congress critters will surely put out!

I dunno about the Supreme Court. Who knows what the hell goes on beneath their robes?

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Just more of their tribe coming home. The country is already being run by sociopathic zombies.

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They will claim that it is a left wing conspiracy right until the moment the zombies bite into their brains.

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They’d be fine. Zombies are looking for brains. Nothing for them to worry about.

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No differently to inviting the family round for xmas lunch.

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I can’t believe this shit. Look. Critical responses towards the film Abraham Lincoln VS Zombies.

’‘The choice of Bill Oberst Jr. in the lead role of Abraham Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies has been praised, with criticisms otherwise aimed at the film’s plot, supporting cast members, character development and historical inaccuracies.’’

This is a zombie movie…and they’re worried about historical inaccuracies? What exactly was so inaccurate about it? Zombies maybe? lol historical inaccuracies NO SHIT?

So yeah, if zombies happen, then maybe the white house has the power to bring back Lincoln, and he can give us a hand.

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@Symbeline I know a really nice 92 year old gentleman who wants to see the movie Lincoln with Daniel Day Lewis. But his eyesight and hearing are so bad I’m thinking maybe I would bring him to Lincoln the Vampire Hunter movie instead and see how long it takes before he discovers the bullshit. Heh heh.

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Well, they can’t use handguns to protect themselves. But the Busloads of tourists should slow the zombies down. As @Adirondackwannabe says, Members of Congress, Senate, Your president and Staff and the Supreme Court should be safe. No brains there.

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I doubt they would notice the difference. :)

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The democrats would try and make peace with them.

The republicans would blame Obama for allowing the zombies to arise. But they would do nothing.

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They would welcome the new Tea Party republicans.

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