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Democrats: do you get a little schadenfreude seeing the Republican Party so freaked out?

Asked by JLeslie (61045points) March 20th, 2016 from iPhone

From what I understand “the Republican Party” is really worried Trump might win. I guess because they won’t be able to control him.

Lots of people are saying this is going to destroy the party. I’m not so sure about that.

Anyway, if you ignore that you won’t be happy with Trump, or any other Republican winning the presidency, do you get a little thrill watching the Republican Party run around with a lot of nervousness saying the sky is falling?

Note: I’m not assuming all Democrats are unhappy with all possible Republican candidates, I’m just generalizing for the Q.

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Sure. Yep. Yes.

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I masturbate to it.

Really. This is fantastic in a tree falling on a toddler sort of way. It is good that the Southern Strategy is coming home to roost.

Whatever happened to the postmortem the Republicans did in 2012 where they decided they needed to be more inclusive with minorities?

I am rubbernecking the shit out of this. Note: To all the Republicans that think I am watching the debates because I will vote for a Republican. I won’t… I watch it for the pathetisad.

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No, not schadenfreude. This is serious business as far as I’m concerned, It’s like cutting out a cancer almost too late, a cancer that has done incredible damage. Long overdue surgery. Or giving the coup de gras to a longtime enemy on the field, then looking around and seeing the body count all around you. There’s no joy in this. There’s no joy in hatred.

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It is a bit too early to get complacent. Talk to me about schadenfreude in mid November, maybe.

But this has been building for a while, ever since Newt Gingrich and Pa t Buchanan declared a war of values that promoted racism, hatred, and religious preferencing.

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No. I read what Trump’s supporters write and it’s scary. This race is only fueling their passion and nothing will stop them from spewing their hate.

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I’m not going to get a vote, but from out here, the idea of Trump as the President is horrific. While it may seem highly unlikely, unlikely things happen. So until the election is over and Trump isn’t President, I’m going to withhold any glee.

Not very long ago people in Australia said Tony Abbott could never be Prime Minister. That was until he became Prime Minister!

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Sure there is a certain satisfaction in watching the Republican Party stew in its own juices. But the fun of gloating is smothered by the lurking implications in the end of business as usual. Corrupt as it is, a monkey wrench disabling half the machinery in our stinky setup does not bode well for any of us living under it.

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I just binged watched the show, ‘The Brink’. It was funny, but it was also excruciatingly real feeling. Brilliant reminder that we may not like the guy who ultimately is on the side of keeping the peace and has the real skill to be smarmy enough to keep that delicate balance required, but I want THAT guy on my side and not the ignorant drooling war mongers waiting for the End of Days.

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I would argue with just one word in your question, @JLeslie .

I disagree with “little”. I would use the word “enormous”.

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As a person who is concerned for the future of the planet my child will inherit, I’m terrified.

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Well, yes, but the consequences for the rest of us (especially if people are frustrated with the process and stay home and don’t vote) are so scary.

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I’m just sad and sickened that the United States has come to this.

I honestly thought we’d outgrown this. A national “White Trash” moment.
Hangs head.

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Do I get “a little schadenfreude”? No, I get heaps and heaps of gleeful schadenfreude.

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Exactly what @ibstubro said. Sad and sickened. I’m not gleefull at all. I want to leave this world a better place for the children who will inherit the mess we are creating.

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I’m reserving my glee, such as it will be, for a Democratic win of the WH and the Senate.

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Another 8 years on the road we’re on and I expect complete economic collapse. Much like what the USSR went through. Anything to change the current trajectory would be an improvement. Neither Trump nor Hilary, nor Sanders, nor Cruz are likely to bring us together but rather further split the country. Schadenfreude? I think not. We’re watching this play out knowing there is no good solution. This will not end well regardless of the who wins. Way too much hate has been built up on both sides.

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Another 8 years on the road we’re on and I expect complete economic collapse..

LOL. Conservatives have been saying that for almost exactly 8 years.

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Oh sure. Until the people of this country actually put Trump in office—then it ceases to be amusing.

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I might find it amusing if I wasn’t so freaked out myself.

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I feel nothing, I am totally flat lined by the insanity of it all.
If I came across Trump stranded in my hills here, let’s just say I might be tempted to employ the three “S’s”...shoot, shovel and shut up. Heh.

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Nope. Not until I know what will replace it. If they fall apart then it will create a void. Voids are usually filled in by something and I’m not sure that something will be any better than the current Republican party. I think we need a two party system to keep checks and balances in place. I’m not saying it is fair an balanced right now, but a one party system will become one sided or fracture in time into a lot of smaller parties. Making our government even slower than it is right now.
They need to get their act together and fast.

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