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What's your grown-up Christmas wish?

Asked by Ela (6492points) December 22nd, 2012

Mine is the termination and illegalization of puppy mills.

Care to share yours?

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All of my children, and all of the people they care about, have full bellies, are warm, and are healthy.

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That the Republicans and Democrats in Congress would do their job and find answers instead of repeatedly prolonging problems.

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Peace on Earth would be pretty cool.

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I want a better world and a better economic climate in our country, too, but a couple plane tickets and money for a vacation to the UK would be nice :D

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A really nice car and peace on earth.

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To be able to get whatever my mom wants for her, since I recently found out that through my entire childhood she bought her own gifts, so us kids didnt know that my father never bothered.

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Peace inside and outside.

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Prolonged economic stability – both personally, and for the world.

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Some food I can eat in this country I am living… and a little less civil unrest please!

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Peace and prosperity for all of the people I care about.

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Happiness and good health for my children.

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No more drone warfare ever.

Were we supposed to be realistic…? :-/

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To live in a Tom & Jerry cartoon, i’d beat the fucking shit out of that bastard mouse!!
Piss taking, cocky little cunt that he is XD

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@Ela mine is pretty much the same as yours! I would also like to end Breed Specific Legislation while I’m at it.

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A threesome with Monica Bellucci and Scarlett Johansson.

And peace on Earth.

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End human trafficking.
End hunger.
End lack of access to health care.
End crime.
Oh, I could go on and on, but it’s just like that SNL skit where you try to be holier than the next person.

I don’t just want to mouth platitudes. I actually want these things to happen. But to do that is going to take a lot of work, and I’ll do some work, but not what it takes to achieve these goals or even get close to them all by myself.

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To get my degree and get the hell out of America and move to the UK.

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