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Do you like the social section on fluther, or would you rather go back to the days of only having the general section?

Asked by Paradox25 (10174points) December 22nd, 2012

Like the question states, or as an alternative would you rather there be only the social section without the general section?

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In addition to the two choices we now have, I would also like to see a “free for all” section where people could write what ever they want with Moderation restricted to spam only.

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@YARNLADY As “fun” as that might sound on paper I think it would lead to both chaos and even more hurt feelings than already occur here in Social.

Seriously: what could one possibly want to say that gets so modded here?

There is also chat for those who feel they must make personal attacks. Everything else will get by within reason: fuck it, you can pretty much say whatever the hell you fucking feel like so I don’t see what the fuck is the problem here.

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I would rather have it separated by type of questions instead of types of answers. Say General was how it was before where questions needed to solve a actual problem and Social was for things that don’t really have a answer.

General – How to I keep my cookies from sticking to the baking sheet?
Social – What is your favorite kind of cookie?

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I find that I use General more since it is the one Google uses to “rate” the site. I want to help in whatever little way I can.

Since I began doing this, I’ve asked a few questions in the Social Section, and I get ridiculous posts in response that are unhelpful. It drives me bonkers.

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@Hawaii_Jake I know, some of us do ask questions to get serious answers, and it drives me bonkers as well when people hi-jack the thread. I don’t mind the social as an option, but I’ve heard a few suggest that we should only have a social section.

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So what you guys are saying is that it’s fine: there is General, Social and Meta.

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@zensky Yes, I think I’m saying it’s good to have all 3. What I would like to add is I wish more questions could get asked in General so Google would notice them more and count them or rate them or whatever it is they do to sites, so Fluther would be noticed more often.

@Paradox25 If all we had was Social, I’d be outta here in a flash. It serves it’s purpose, and I use it, too, but I wouldn’t want it to be the only thing going. Life is serious business, and there are times I want serious answers.

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Parchment paper.

Chocolate chip.

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@cookieman :: Snicker-doodle is better. Chocolate chip is for poor people.

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@johnpowell: Fine by me, ‘cuz they’re delicious.

Plus, “snicker-doodle” sounds like the name for some hybrid dog breed from a puppy mill.

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Doesn’t Google search General but ignore Social and Meta? I sure hope so!

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I prefer social over general for the freedom to play a bit, interject some humor, let the twists and turns unfold.
I’m happy with the options available and answer in all categories as interest arises, or not.
I’m an adaptable goose, not much ruffles my feathers and it’ll take a lot more than a little flapping and hissing to drive me away. :-)

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I am OK with it the way it is.

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@YARNLADY . . . I would also like to see a “free for all” section where people could write what ever they want with Moderation restricted to spam only.

We kind of have something like that right now . . .

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I am not a jelly veteran of “the good old days,” but I really appreciate having the option of both General and Social. I first came here with a couple of serious questions and I mostly likely would not have stuck around if I had only been able to post them in Social.

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I like having Social and General separated out.

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I much prefer having the separate sections. I’ve been around long enough to have seen the site both ways, and I think it is better the way it is now. This way, if someone wants only helpful answers and not jokes, they can ask it in the General section and get what they are looking for, and vice versa for Social. Before, any thread was subject to being hijacked by off-topic comments, and a serious question wouldn’t always necessarily get any serious or helpful answers. I like that I can go to Social to ask and answer more light-hearted questions and open discussions, while in General I can ask a specific question that I need the answer to or help others with theirs.

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Maybe there should also be an anti-social section, for those users who wish to argue all fucking day long, everyone else could spectate, mocking them as we like.

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@ucme . . . And maybe there fucking shouldn’t, right?

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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While I do 90% or so of my posting in the social section, I think the general section is good. I like the idea of dividing the questions up in to two levels of moderation severity.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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I like it as it is.

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@ucme . . . fun like your mum . . .

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@Blondesjon Bet you whispered like that in her ear, you fuckin slut…

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A resounding YES!

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Okay, somebody didn’t get the ironic, purely in jest least that was my intent anyway…still, never mind.

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i jest really want to bang your mum . . .

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what, sight unseen? You really are a fuckin slut!!

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[mod says] WE knew you guys were joking, but new members wouldn’t. Sorry!

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I like having three sections. I have posted questions I wanted on topic responses to but wanted to allow people the space to discuss more freely and within two or three posts it has gone totally off track and never returned. It’s frustrating. So, unless I really don’t care much about the answers I tend to use General for serious questions.

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I like it the way it is now. If not for social, we would never have had nekkid pancake parties, cakes in the frizzer, or picnics under the orange tree : )

Also, without Social, the young-uns would not have a safe place to learn about relationships.

Without Social, some people would never be able to learn how throw a stress-free dinner party or holiday event.

I also think that without Social, we could have never have grown to know and appreciate (or not) each other in the way that we do now.

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If I ask a question in general, hardly anyone answers, and half of them get moderated. There is no latitude for any wandering of the topic. If I ask in social, I may get a lot of answers, but there may be some wandering. Then again, sometimes Social is like the way it should be—people stay on topic and serious except for one person. There is some movement in the conversation, and we get to interesting places. And occasionally in social the topic does go off into lala land. No telling. But then, I figure there should be no telling. It’s like how real conversations are.

What I wish was that we had a way of telling in our just for you queue where a question was. Or so I could filter out the General questions entirely. I know that if I look, I’ll see, but usually I just look at the question and don’t pay attention to where it is. But I need more latitude in answering questions, and having the mods looking over my shoulder all the time changes the way I answer for the worse.

There are many serious topics I think I have stuff to say about that people will want to hear, but it is such a pain, that I’d rather not answer in General, even if I have a really good answer. And similarly, even if there are times when I don’t want anyone making fun of me, I’d rather put it in social and risk getting slammed rather than put it in General where there is no room for the conversation to shift.

This is all so artificial. And I know everyone is tired of me saying this, but as long as people ask questions about this topic, I will say what I think. Stop asking questions, and I won’t need to say it again.

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@zensky Yeah, I agree with the way fluther is right now.
@wundayatta The problem I have with trying to ask a serious question in social is that there are those pesky few who do not contribute anything useful to the thread, and who are basically there to advertise themselves, and believe me there are some of us who do not find them as funny/cool as they see themselves. I’m glad there are three options on here, but I wouldn’t lose too much sleep if fluther went back to the general section days either.

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I think the 3 sections are fine, what I want to know is what did it say in the personal attacks that were moderated??? I think I was personally attacked but they tell me it is my imagination, I asked for it and it wasn’t nasty enough to be moderated. Did the ones that were deleted above contain the 3 forbidden words? (reminds me of George Carlin and his nasty word list)

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@rooeytoo Sometimes I wish I could read those personal attacks since I always seem to miss them.

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Interestingly, I feel like the old way was all questions were social, and now we have a separate General section. I think the two are good, but I find it annoying that clicking on home does not let us see all questions, social, general and meta.

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for no sectioning, that is.

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I love the social section of fluther, where a sense of humor is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.

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@rooeytoo What was moderated here was like this: “Fuck off.” “No, you fuck off.”

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It was more like this “Nice one dude, back at ya” backslaps all round.

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I don’t even read the questions in the General section.

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@bucko I usually don’t either unless I am EXTREMELY bored.

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I like it the way it is. I prefer the social section for the more laid back atmosphere, but if I need serious, on-topic answers, I will post in general.

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If it keeps people focus to actually answer the question asked, I say bring it on again

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