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What is your favorite band nobody has heard of?

Asked by Rarebear (24629points) January 5th, 2013

Post a video, preferably live.
Mine is Caravan. In the late 60’s, early 70’s, there was a branch of the prog rock movement in Canterbury England, and Caravan led that group. Their best work was back then, but they’re still around and having fun. This is the lead song off their seminal prog rock album, “In the Land of Grey and Pink,” which was recently remastered by Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree.

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Les Rallizes Denudes – But I Was Different

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My Robot Friend Very under rated in my opinion.

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City Bowl Mizers

But only because I they are good friends of ours!

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Sad Cafe Every day hurts.

Sad Cafe Hungry Eyes on the Old Grey Whistle Test.

Also from the OGWT – ignore the intro, Fanx Tara.

Black Rose

Some of these are obviously really old recordings.

The lead singer went on to sing with Mike and the Mechanics. He died quite young sadly. The Old Grey Whistle Test was a great programme for watching live performances of some great bands.

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Nice ones! I like Sad Cafe especially, although a bit too pop—need a little more edge.

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Ayup! Seriously? Is Dvorak considered obscure?

There couldn’t be a Brit alive who hasn’t heard this. Although I grant you @CWOTUS most might not realise the composer was Dvorak.

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Too obscure to too many, @Bellatrix.

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I don’t think many people know about Elysian Fields.

Husband and wife team with session musicians.

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Here’s another for the not faint of heart.

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@Bellatrix Very interesting!

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Caravan is awesome. For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night is a great album, too. If you like them, check out Lindisfarne.

Can is my favorite obscure band, and very possibly my favorite band, period. They’re so chill. Don’t bother trying to make out the lyrics; Damo sings in no particular language, or in many languages simultaneously depending on how you hear it.
Uriah Heep used to be well known but not for a long time now, I think. But they’re still excellent.
The Loved Ones – If you’re an Aussie I bet you’ve heard of them, but not otherwise. They used to be as big as the Beatles there, for a bit.

Also, Polaris, who did the song that was the theme music for “The Adventures of Pete & Pete” (as well as young Pete’s favorite song in the world).

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I’ve posted music by this guy before. I think he is one of the best guitarists in the world not sure how well known he is though.

Listen to it quite loud and keep in mind, he is making all of those sounds with his guitar. Seen him perform this live. Amazing.

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Silver Sun Pickups.

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I don’t think too many people know about Blackmore’s Night.

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He’s an old friend of mine and I really dig his music. Kind of techno, dance, soul.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I liked the first couple albums of Blackmore’s Night, but after that it was more of the same. But I’m an old Ritchie fan from Rainbow.

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@wildpotato Plump is actually my favorite album by them. I’m also a Uriah Heep fan, but not as much as Caravan.

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I think they’re more well-known outside the US, but no one I meet ever seems to know about Gomez.

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I forgot about Rodriguez, who has a very interesting story.

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I don’t think is known outside of Germany.

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I love Beethoven’s Nightmare just because of who they are and how they crank up the amps and bass during their shows… but have no idea if they’re any good.

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