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I wonder what kind of chocolate is available in the 20k mansion?

Asked by FutureMemory (24471points) January 5th, 2013

Well you can ask WillWorkForChocolate, since she’s now holding her little cardboard sign outside (inside?) the 20k mansion!

Congratulations :)

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Now that she’s in the mention, that means it’s the best damn chocolate that’s available in here. :D

Congratulations, cheers. :D

’‘gnaws her shoulder’’

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All the best chocolate to you! Solid, liquid, soft, chewy, hard, crisp, crackle, light, dark . . . . your wish will be granted! You may not have noticed, but there’s a chocolate tree in the right corner of the property. Fresh chocolates are available year round. I hope you share generously.

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Sweet. Congratulations.

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Congrats, girlie! I brought my whip, just for you. ;)

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aw lovely! Congratulations lovely lady! :)

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Congratulations, too bad I wasn’t here for your 10k.

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Congratulations and here is a little something just for you to mark the occasion.

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Oh congratulations to you @WillWorkForChocolate! I have made you a chocolate ganache tart to mark the occasion. I’ve also got a lovely bottle of wine to share with you and someone left this handbag here with your name on it!

I believe this is your room in the mansion too. This is the view from your window.

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I wonder what kind of chocolate is available in the 20k mansion?

The kind you have to work for!

Congrats on your WWF Chocolate belt! ;-)

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Woohoo! So glad you’re here, you make me laugh a lot so you’re presence is very welcome!

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Oh baby! Finally another chocolate person in the 20k mansion. Woo hoo!

Meet me in the atrium near the fountain of ganache. At sunset, it snows a dusting of the finest Dutch cocoa right into our cups of frothy, cold milk – served by the cows themselves. Shortly after, we’ll hear the ding of an egg-timer in the distance. This announces the arrival of an endless sea of fresh-baked, warm, chocolate chip cookies. Magically sugar-free and void of calories, we will nosh naughty but guilt-free.

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Well done to the sweetest Chocalteer!!!!!!!!!! Let’s head to the chocolate factory for some of that stuff!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations. You are epitome of love and kindness.

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Congratulations! The party is on! You bring a lot of interesting insights to Fluther and I’m glad to call you friend. The mansion awaits you. The 20K mansion and the one you are soon to buy in real life.
I’ll be out by the pool where the band is playing and the food and chocolate is flowing.

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I want there to be a chocolate fountain with marshmallows, cake, nuts, fruit and all kinds of fun, chocolatey stuff at this party! Congratulations, WillWorkforChocolate! I love your posts and your logic!

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Why is chocolate better than sex?

It satisfies you even when it’s gone soft.
If you bite the nuts too hard the chocolate won’t mind.
You can enjoy chocolate in front of your mother.
You can ask a stranger for chocolate without getting your face slapped.
Good chocolate is easy to find.

I don’t eat much chocolate, but i’d lick you anytime…congrats sweetie! :¬)

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Congrats Lady. I saw a few signs yesterday that made me think of you. One was“Drop the chocolate and no one gets hurt” The other was“Everything is better with chocolate”. The store owners must have been one of your kind. Enjoy the 20K mansion. You deserve it so so so much.

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Congratulations! Thank you for being here :)

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Oooh, it’s amazing to wake up to a party in my honor! Perfect start to a cool, Sunday morning! Now… what’d I do with my coffee?

@Hawaii_Jake – Looks yummy! I’ll share, I promise.
@Symbeline -I’ll bare my shoulders just for you! <evil giggle>
@syz -Thank you!
@Sunny2 -Thanks for the tip! I won’t be stingy.
@Jeruba – I appreciate it! But I think you pilfered the Limoges tea set from my china hutch…
@augustlan -I’m all bent over, waiting for ya’! Try to not bruise me, please.
@mazingerz88 – Thanks!
@Lightlyseared-Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@harple,-Awwwww thanks so much!
@Paradox25,-Yes too bad. We had a chocolate-filled wrestling pit.
@rooeytoo-That looks delicious, can I cut you off a slice?
@zensky-Thank you!
@Bellatrix-You’re such a darling, thank you! Chocolate AND a Burberry handbag? I’ve drowned and been eaten by Neptune!
@Brian1946,-LOL thanks! I’ll wear it with pride.
@Leanne1986-Thank you! I like making people laugh. :)
@cookieman- Oh my goodness. <drool> Anyone have a tissue?
@ZEPHYRA- Sounds great, I’ll meet you there!
@bkcunningham- Epitome of love and kindness? You know, you’re not supposed to lie at lurve parties… :D
@chyna- Thank you, sweet friend. I’m so glad you’re here!
@jca- Thanks so much! Everything in my room is apparently made of chocolate, so enjoy but try to not devour my bed.
@ucme- LMAO, thanks honeybunch! And you now owe me a new keyboard, as this one is covered in coffee.
@Adirondackwannabe- Awww, thanks A! :)
@Shippy- Thanks very much, and thank you for being here!

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@WillWorkForChocolate Shit, i’ve replaced so many here in the last year or so…where’s my bloody wallet!!

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Who is going to take over the shift/duty of giving out chocs at the Mansion door, I am tired, we have to take it in shifts. Next please….........

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Congratulations to one of my favourite jellies!

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Congrats N—-!

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OMG! I missed this party? WTF!
@WillWorkForChocolate May the chocolate of 20 thousand candy bars melt in your mouth!

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@Rarebear Were you bleeping out a bad word, or Nina? :D

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May Willie Wonka invite you to his place for this awesome achievement!!!!! :) :) :)

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@tranquilsea Well, thank you!
@wildpotato Thanks!
@Coloma Mmmmmmm! One of the best things I could wish for! Although…I would gain back all the weight I’ve lost, and then some. :D
@scuniper Sounds like fun! Especially the part where I would finally be taller than someone.

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I sure hope there’s some Belgian chocolate in there.

Congratulations @WillWorkForChocolate, one of the sweetest jellies around!!!

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Sweet, sweet, sweet and chocolate too. 20K Congratulations and so well deserved.
I don’t think you really have to work for chocolate… do you?

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@WillWorkForChocolate Wasn’t sure if you were still keeping your old name secret or not. I wasn’t about to use your real name!

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Congrats! We’ve had our disagreements, but you’re still one of my favorite jellies and you definitely deserve it. Also, your avatar is one of my favorite ones of all time. Grumpy cat is adorable! Keep on keepin’ on!! :-)

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@DrBill Thanks!
@bookish1 D’awwwww! Thank you, yes, lots of Belgian chocolates. Want some?
@Ayesha Thank you!
@AmWiser Thanks, oh wise one. Yes, I still work for chocolate. When I deposit the hubby’s paycheck, I pay myself with chocolate, coffee, and the occasional new purse. I’ve kinda got a purse fetish…
@Rarebear You can use Nina here! :)
@mangeons Thanks! You’re one of my faves, too. Especially because you’re so nice when you disagree, LOL! And how could anyone not like Grumpy Cat? She’s purrfection in fur!

Thank you so much for the lovely party everyone, but I’m sure everybody’s tired of the sappy sweetness now, so let the chocolate wrestling pit be opened and have a great time! Who’s first? There are a few jellies I’d like to see duke it out in melted chocolate! Please shower before entering the pit…

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Yippee! For some reason I was thinking you were already way past 20K. You make this place super fun. Hope to see your grumpy face staring out the screen at me for a long, long time to come.

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Oh, I’m very late. I didn’t have any fluther-by’s this weekend. I did consume copious amounts of champagne in your honor, I’ve showered, and I’m diving in to the chocolate pit to “wrassle” right now. Congratulations and 20 thousand chocolate kisses to you!

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OMG Congrats!!!!!

Stopping at Godiva for the truckload purchase.

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Late again. Congrats on the 20k! Hopefully there are still some truffles around! If not:
300 g 85% Cocoa extra dark
25 g butter
180 g cream
12 g confectioners sugar
Shave chocolate and mix all ingredients in saucepan. Warm slowly at no higher than than 42C. mix well. Place in refrigerator for about one hour.
Form into balls and coat with nuts, powered sugar or cocoa.
Definitely worth working for!

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Oh wow, that sounds sinful. I made tiger butter last week, and I’d share, but I already ate it all.

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@WillWorkForChocolate You are so cute even when you’re angry!

Mazel Tov on the 20K! We animals of Fluther gotta stick together!

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Haha, thanks @janbb, that’s sweet. Wait…did you just flip me off?

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Well, what are flippers for?

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Okay, but you’re going to have to get your flipper off my thigh now, no matter how cute it is. I can’t concentrate on this laundry I was supposed to do two months ago.

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Aw you’re not a very fun animal! what kind of a party is this, anyway?

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Do you know that I had to rent a tractor and a fork lift to drag all of This into the mansion for you. Hope you likey : )

I’ve also sent ‘round a Caterer to help you make some more delicious selections ; – }

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@Kardamom: I like that the text above that list of chocolate wonders uses the phrase “ocular balls of jelly.”

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@janbb Okay, fine. But I expect dinner first.

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Have I ever mentioned that I love hot chocolate?

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How did I miss this? Congo Rats to a wonderful contributor!

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@blueiiznh That would be great, since this chocolate girl is currently cold.

Thanks, @filmfann! Congo rat would be fine on shish kabob, but please remove the tail first.

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@Kardamom I can’t decide whether I’d start on the chocolate Yoda or the chocolate mansion. Mmmmmm. And you chose a… delicious… caterer for me. You have my thanks for that. :)

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Boy, im away for a few days and a party breaks out .

Chocolate, you really deserve big Congrats. I so much appreciate your frank and honest answers. Fluther just wouldn’t be the same without you..

Happy 20K to you.

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@Buttonstc Aww, thank you so much! It’s hard sometimes to be so frank and honest; people just think I’m cranky or something… LOL!

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I’m late! I’m late! Any choccy left??

Chocogratuations, @WillWorkForChocolate!!

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@Bellatrix Oh, that’s the last straw. I’m taking my chocolate and going home!

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OMG, you wankers!

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And your problem with that is? Cranky pants.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Pfft. I’m getting the shovel now.

That wanker wants cranky? I’ll show her cranky. I’ll show her crazy, too. Thinks she can just insult me and get away with it. She just licked her ass for the last time!

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cat fight

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Pfft shovel. More like a dust pan.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Now look here, little kitty, I’m getting a bit sick of your cattiness.

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Very, very late, but congratulations!

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I find it cool that yanks say wankers…just that i’d toss that out there, mind your eye!

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Cattiness? Coming from a pussy with teeth, that’s rich! Remember, I’ve seen your other pics.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

@ucme Thanks, I think. Wanker.

@Bellatrix I need you to stop talking about my pussy in front of other people. Jeez!

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@WillWorkForChocolate Err, only when the wife’s away.

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—What an awesome party! But then again, I would have expected nothing less for @WillWorkForChocolate

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However did I miss this?
Congratulations to my sweet and sassy chocolate friend!

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Late late late to my momma’s party :O
Congrats @WillWorkForChocolate <3

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Thanks, ladies! >muah<

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