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How often do you buy perfume / cologne?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) June 9th, 2008 from iPhone

Every day? Week? Month? Year?

I love new scents so I buy new cologne every week, what about you?

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NEVA!!!! In fact, walking through the perfume department makes me cough and gag

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I prefer my own scents, so…never. Why go through all that trouble to mask your own odors and pheromones that are working so hard to help you attract a mate? It seems counter-intuitive.

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For me, its not a body odor thing, I just like smelling good. Gives me that fresh out of the shower clean feeling. Lol

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never, the only reason i have any cologne is because people give it to me. I rarely use it, maybe sometimes on real nice occasions. I think its kind of pointless though and i evidently already smell good.

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Depending how much I use. I don’t just use one kind. Depending on the occasion. Work, casual and evening. Scents change on mood of the day. I would have to say month, but not every month. Sometimes year. I get perfume a lot as gifts, but when my favorite one runs out I go and get it. I love perfumes.

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i am allergic to perfumes…or any kind of strong fragrance odor. So that would be a “never” for me. Strangely, body splash doesn’t irritate me though.

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Never. Shower and “Kiss my Face” lavender body lotion.

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Never, no matter how little or what kind I use it always gives me a headache.

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