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Why can I Read my Yahoo Mail but not Reply or Forward?

Asked by LuckyGuy (34729points) January 19th, 2013

When I try to reply I get the following message:
“Yahoo! Mail found the original email, but encountered problems displaying it. Please try again later.”

My Yahoo mail does not work on my PC. I can read mail but not Reply or Forward. I have been waiting 24 hours. I’ve cleared cache, signed in and out, cleared cache again, restarted PC.
I am running Windows XP, Firefox 18 Yahoo edition, AVG. What is going on? How can I still use Yahoo (or is it time to go to Gmail) ? :-(

Yahoo Mail does work on my Kindle Fire. Is there a conflict?

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Try deleting your account on your PC and then re-creating it. You might also try creating your account in an entirely different email program.

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I signed out of my account and cleared cache. Is that what you mean? I don’t want to delete my account completely since I want the mail. This is so frustrating and worrisome.

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No, I mean delete the account entirely. You’ll get the mail when you re-create it because your mail will still be on the server, but if you’re nervous about that, create it in an entrely different email program.

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I can sign out of yahoo mail, sign out of yahoo, delete the bookmarks, delete cache. But deleting the account on the yahoo server would be a disaster. There must be something wrong going on. This just stared suddenly.

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I’m on Yahoo – just checked – it’s fine over here buddy.

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It wouldn’t be a disaster if you duplicated the account in another email program (you can run as many of them on one PC as you like). I work with computers every day and have dealt with every mini- and maxi-disaster you can imagine. But… good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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I’ve upgraded to Firefox Yahoo edition – same problem. Went back to latest Firefox – same problem This POS!!! I have wasted soo much time. Arrrgh.

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@LuckyGuy Update? It’s been 20 hours….

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The mail is still not working. I tried two XP computers with Firefox and neither one works. My workaround is this link:
It takes you to a simple version of Yahoo mail. It works properly on the Kindle Fire but that is a PIA to type using the the small keyboard.
This might be the push that makes me move over to Gmail. I have been a loyal follower for a long time but this is ridiculous.

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Wow!!! You inspired me to look again . Apparently this is new.

The fix is to unblock tracker blocking on Ghostery.
These two slimy trackers:
Right Media
ScoreCard Research Beacon
were blocked by Ghostery and that prevented the mail from working. I will try selectively disabling them one at a time to see which one gets my bill for 4 hours of labor and a bag of monkey poop tossed into their lobby.

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I tried the experiment. I can successfully block either one and the mail will work. But, when I block both it does not. Also I noticed that “doubleclick” dips their wick into the mix too.
Oh well. I will call the intrusion the price of using their server.

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I so do not understand what you wrote up there. But it’s sexy computer-speak.

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@zensky When you go to a website, watch the lower left corner of your screen and notice all the other places your computer is connecting to. These are trackers. This very page on Fluther tried to go to Google Analytics and Quantcast but I prevented that with Ghostery. It is one tool in my privacy kit. “Ghosteryâ„¢ sees the invisible web – tags, web bugs, pixels and beacons. Ghostery tracks the trackers and gives you a roll-call of the ad networks, behavioral data providers, web publishers, and other companies interested in your activity.”
I prefer to stay in stealth mode – ‘cause I’m that kinda guy.

About Google Analytics:
Google Analytics operates: Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer
“Google Analytics gives you insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. We help you buy the right keywords, target your best markets, and engage and convert more customers.”

About Quantcast:
Quantcast operates: Quantcast, Quantcast Notice
“Quantcast measures and organizes the world’s audiences in real-time so advertisers can buy, sell and connect with the people who matter most to them. Used by the top 10 media agencies, the world’s largest brands and more than half of the top advertising supported publishers, Quantcast connects the planning, buying, and media fulfillment processes, delivering the marketplace’s most consistent and accountable audiences.”

Youtube and Facebook try to send info to Doubleclick when you sign in.
DoubleClick operates: DoubleClick, DoubleClick DART, DoubleClick Floodlight, DoubleClick Spotlight
“Google’s DoubleClick products provide ad management and ad serving solutions to companies that buy, create or sell online advertising.”

If my poor description gets you excited, you should listen to @johnpowell. He’s my hero!
His voice must be smoother than Barry White’s.

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Thanks for that. It was mostly Chinese to me, but thanks.

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