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What are your thoughts on hydrofracking?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) January 23rd, 2013

The natural gas drillers have come up with a method of drilling where they inject millions of gallons of water, along with sand, diesel fuel, and chemicals to fracture deep shale formations to release the natural gas they contain. They claim it’s safe and won’t harm the environment. Your thoughts?

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Because this is where our fresh water supply needs to go. Right.

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Ugh, they always say it’s safe until someone gets hurt. Why do they need chemicals or even diesel fuel to break a shale formation? Maybe they mean ‘make it explode’?

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I’m not a big fan of the idea until more research into its safety can be done.

Unbiased research.

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It’s terrible and we only have one Earth.

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I don’t believe it’s safe at all. I think we’re mucking around with structural forces we don’t truly understand. Plus, we continue to suck out irreplaceable natural resources.

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What don’t these people realize about water and fresh water especially essentially being a sacred thing. Of course we take that so for granted now and are so out of touch with our Earth no one even thinks about it. We have already dammed enough rivers and ruined enough precious land by flooding it in places it should not be flooded and now to use water for something like this, purely ridiculous. Also, in general, we need to stop messing with shit. We think we own the fucking place and are saints, in fact we, humans, suck ass and are ruining the earth for everything else on it. Why and when did we begin to think that the sun shines out of our asses? Leave the shale alone DAMN plant some trees instead or something. Greedy bastards, it’s all about money. It sucks.

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I really like that word, it’s kind of new, freaky and sexy!

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I’m sure that they tried this in the north west of England (or tested if it was worth doing it on a bigger scale) and they ended up managing to trigger a couple of small earthquakes and the UK is not exactly well known for sitting on a major fault.

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I follow Sean Lennon’s Twitter. He’s posted some photos about victims of fracking. Rollingstone has several photos and stories attached to some victims of fracking.

This is a story about the town Dimock

And there are just so many other stories about fracking.

Gathering what I know, I’m against it. It’s destroying farmlands and screwing farmers over.

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I think that it is an absolute DISASTER. The oil companies are injecting extremely TOXIC chemicals into the ground & they are poisoning our fresh water. And the injections are also causing EARTHQUAKES. Unfortunately for the citizens of America, the oil companies have so much MONEY, that they can both BRIBE, BUY, & SELL, our members of Congress.

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I don’t think we know enough about the long term consequences of fracking yet. I too would like to see some longitudinal studies carried out by objective researchers before we go crazy. I believe there have been 11 earthquakes in Ohio that have been connected to hydrofracking. New regulations have been introduced because of the possible connection. Given how governments work, they must be pretty sure of the connection between the two things to bring in new regs.

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