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How long can emails stay in "limbo" and where do they go?

Asked by Firedancerdmb (25points) January 23rd, 2013 from iPhone

My husband has a blackberry. Lately he has been getting incomming messages that are years old. Today he just received an email from a friend who sent the message in janurary of 2007 (according to the phone). Looking back it is true that the email came in nearly 7 years later. Where was it that whole time?

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Spam filters and servers in between. I’m waiting for an email my wife sent from work on Monday morning. Not here yet . . .

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Did he ever get the email back then? Or maybe he had already seen it and the severs just churned it up again.

I used BlackBerry for years and all I can say is that their servers are screwed up. RIM has had a lot of server failures and down times. I just don’t think they are that reliable anymore.

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Amazing. But maybe someone was clearing out email somewhere. I was clearing out about 1 year’s worth of spam from a client’s web email recently and sorting his good messages from the crap. Tedious. And while I was doing it I sent along copies of good messages just in case some spam filter somewhere had stopped them—then I moved them into a subfolder on the server to make it clear they had been dealt with. Then I finally set up his spam filters [I did not know there were none in place].

Maybe something like this happened??

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Unfortunetly he has no way of seeing if he actually recirved the message back in 2007. Thanks gor ur responses!!

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Usually if a mail is not delivered after 24 hours, it’s returned to the sender with a failure message. I would guess that he’s received those emails before and for some reason his email server has had a funny turn and decided to send them out again.

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Email does not travel in space where it could get hanged up somewhere.
It is possible that the sender had an incorrect date/time on its sending device, thus showing such date/time on the receiving device. Actual date/time stamps of email messages can be verified by reading the message header, which will show timestamps from the smtp server, isp and receiving mailserver.

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There are also instances when a mailserver needed to be restored from backup files thus populating the mailbox again of messages that were caught during the backup.

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