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Which would you prefer? Black, gray or navy blue for a mens wool coat?

Asked by pleiades (6581points) January 24th, 2013

I’m torn between all three colors! I would like to know which color you like for a mens wool coat/jacket and why! Thanks!

Yankee Navy
Oxford Gray

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Oxford Gray, goes with any other color including brown and it is less likely to show soil spots! Besides it is my favorite.

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I’ve had a few wool coats/jackets and they were always gray so I guess I have to go with gray.

Unless it’s a sport coat. Then black.

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The gray or black, I like the gray. Navy is so passe IMO, ick!

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Black wool coats look sharp… Unless you have a cat or dog, or hang out with someone who does. Same for navy.
I vote gray. It goes with anything.

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I would say black. If the gray is quite dark though it would look nice too.

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I’d go with black. It’s a bit more adaptable to formal, but can still be casual. Navy Blue can show too much lint. Grey doesn’t look good at night.

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I prefer gray. It is moderate for men. I am a girl, I tend to like men in gray. Black is too serious. And navy is okay, but not suitable to ware in leisure occasion.

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Most likely I would prefer the black, but it might depend on your coloring. Do you have blond hair, black hair, grey hair? It also might depend on where you live. Big city more likely black. Also your age, black sometimes is very harsh on older people.

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There is but one choice – black. It goes with the black wingtips, and charcoal gray or black suit.

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Gray. The color compliments black, navy, and gray trousers, plus it’s flattering and appealing.

I’ve never seen a man look unattractive in a morning coat.

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@pleiades Then I say black coat. When I go to NYC and walk out of Penn Station with all those men with black hair and black overcoats I notice it. They look amazing in my opinion. It’s noticeable since many other parts of the country don’t have as many black haired men. It’s my “type” so I’m partial.

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I vote for black. I love grey too but gray is so variable. It may not always match. For instance, gray will match a black suit, but what if your wear a gray suit? If you only have one coat you have to go with black. As @zenvelo said it can look more formal. Black is the most elegant, the most timeless, shows wear the least, and no matter the price of the coat, it will always look the most expensive and rich in black.

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I like all the colors, but prefer the navy blue. With a red tie, it really looks great.I don’t really see a problem with any of the colors, it seems personal touch works. I would notice what people say about different colors on you.

Not that there opinion is the only deciding factor, but it will give you an idea of what others think best show you off to others.

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@android777 I think the OP means overcoat not sportscoat/jacket.

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Dark grey.

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