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Why aren't there many negative stereotypes about white people?

Asked by chelle21689 (6786points) January 28th, 2013

Other than can’t jump, can’t dance, and racist. You can go on forever about black people: hood, uneducated, make babies, welfare, love fried chicken, watermelon, angry black women, etc.

Asians: can’t drive, smart, nerdy, submissive, weak, can’t dance, slanty eyes, etc.

Latinos: illegal, works in gardening, parks car on lawn, has lots of babies, but mostly jokes about them being illegal

It makes me so upset to hear people say that Asians can’t drive. I don’t know where the hell people get that from unless it’s from older foreign Asians (in their countries, many have traffic laws that aren’t enforced and drive stupid).

I try not to make generalizations about a race but it’s so dumb when people think that just because you look a certain race you’re going to BE that certain way.

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How about snobby? Most of the upper class is white.

I’ve never heard a steretype of Asians being bad drivers. Here in the Northeast, it’s the Rhode Islanders that are bad drivers.
[addition]: This is from an American’s point of view

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You’re talking about stereotypes in a country where “we” are the majority. We have to break each other up into groups to insult each other. You know, consider us at least in part as individual, despite the similarity in melanin content.

For example, I’m a geek. A four-eyes. I probably spend my days sitting in front of a computer masturbating to cartoon porn. If I were male, you’d assume I live in my parents basement and am still a virgin. Most of society still hasn’t discovered female geeks, so there isn’t a whole lot to say about us specifically.

However I’m also an atheist. We have three heads and eat our children.

I’m also from New York. We are rude, talk too loud, and argue too much.

I’m also a Capricorn. A control-freak who looks down on everyone else.

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To validate the underlying premise: “There are few negative stereotypes about Caucasians” it would be necessary to examine attitudes about white skinned people in countries or communities where such people are not the powerful group in control.

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That’s a stereotype, you know—that there aren’t stereotypes for white people.

Get over it! ;-)

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Apparently you aren’t familiar with comedians like Dave Chapelle and Katt Williams. There’s plenty about white people that is easy to make fun of.

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I am pretty sure in America minorities have some negative stereotypes for white people.

Republican (some black people here use that as a criticismm and they assume it if you are white)
Can’t dance

Well, these are the ones I here in the south.

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In other countries, American’s (white) are rude, loud, clueless, fat and did I say rude?

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If your family tree has only one branch, you’re probably a redneck. Redneck’s are white and there’s quite a large volume of this.

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It’s just that whenever I’m online and I see them making fun of people it’s always referred to other ethnic groups but as white people it’s not. I mean there are white people they are making fun of but it’s not their race they are focused on but “sluts”, “nerds”, etc. on internet memes.

I guess it makes sense cuz whites are majority.

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@chelle21689 I wonder if we frequented chat rooms and fora that are based in a non-white, non-English speaking population, if we would see differently. Too bad I don’t read Korean.

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@dxs, lol I hear “Asians are bad drivers” all the time but weird enough my bf never heard of this. He’s a very good driver. I’m not a bad driver but I’m not good with parallell parking because they never taught it to me in driver’s ed lol.

oh and I’m not that good at math :P

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White people aren’t a ‘marked category’. They are the norm and don’t require a description. They aren’t called ‘white’ the way other groups are called ‘black’, ‘Hispanic’ ‘Asian’ etc. It may be different abroad.

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I thought white people were all social-climbing, racist snobs who look down on everyone who was not white.
White America wants all other races and cultures to submit to their natural rule of the entire planet, too, right?

My first cousin is half Japanese and can’t drive worth a crap, and I’m not sure if it’s because she’s half asian or just a bad driver, I don’t like stereotypes much.

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Haha. Who are you talking to? I know many white and non-white people who hold all sorts of negative ideas about white people.

Crazy white people think no one thinks bad of them. Hahahaha…

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Well, to be fair, I witness quite a few stereotypes of Germans, French, English, Scottish, Irish, Russian, Polish, Italian, Jewish… the white collective may not have as many specific stereotypes, but the individual backgrounds absolutely do.

But I’m not sure I understand the intent behind the question. Instead of trying to stereotype “white people”, shouldn’t we be fighting stereotypes in general, especially those that create significant negative harm to minorities?

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There’s a stereotype about whites that they are racist? Isn’t that sort of… racist?

There are plenty of stereotypes about white people, as many as any other race.

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@gambitking Any time I travel I hear many stereotypes about whites or Americans in general, apparently we pretty much suck and everybody hates us.

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How about:

They smell like wet dogs when they get wet?

They like to kiss their pets on the mouth?

They give their kids funny names, like Chance or Schuyler?

They put mayonnaise on everything?

These are things I’ve heard for years from non-white Americans about white people.

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How about the one that says all Whites are racist?

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I can think of a huge white stereotype. Hippies! lol
I’m a middle aged “hippie” chick that lives in the woods and likes essential oils, massage, hand drums, herbal brownies, mood lighting and I wear my hair in pigtails a lot of the time. haha
I do, however, shave my armpits and shower every day and just for the record.;-)

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@Coloma I want your life!

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Who said that?

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There are. What do you think Larry the Cable Guy is about? Or any red-neck story or sterortype.

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Why does it upset you to hear “Asians can’t drive”? Almost every time I have noticed an Asian in a car, it’s been because I was TRYING to see who was driving because they did something ridiculous. Also my best friend is Asian and I hate riding with her. She is driving me home from surgery next week, I am more afraid for that than the actual procedure. So of course nothing is true for all members of any race, but asian drivers c’mon it’s not that far off, nor is it a terrible stereotype to have anyhow.

White people suck. I am white. I live in a very predominantly white town. It is also a big college town so that contributes as well. Many people here feel entitled, are snobs, stuck up, don’t have to work for anything they have…much like how Europeans came here in the first place, learned to farm from the Indians, then killed them all. Seriously? We suck! I don’t, lots of us don’t, but overall, Americans are fat dumbasses who don’t care about their planet or each other and would rather play on their ipad and iphone simultaneously while driving their obnoxious gas guzzler, paid for by their rich parents who also don’t give a fuck. There you go, happy?

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Redneck, Yankee Doodle and Hillbilly come to mind, they started as negative stereotypes but the people they were refering to decided to wear it as a badge of honor instead of a mark of shame.

For the most part they turned the negative into a positive.

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Let’s not forget the “biker” stereotype. Hells Angels and the big, fat, scary Santa Claus biker dude with chains wrapped around his knuckles and steel toed boots and Harley tattoos all over his arms.. lol

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There are more negative stereotypes about white people than I can count, even more about white women and white blond women in particular!

The major difference is that there is no stigma attached nor is it politically incorrect to stereotype ordinary white people so no one even notices when it happens!

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@rooeytoo Good point, forgot the blond jokes!!

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@FutureMemory Ugh, some of those are actually true for people I know… >.<

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Blonde here! I make blonde jokes about myself all the time.haha

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@DominicX Except for the wet dog one, I think they’re all true :)

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I think the point is, there are assholes (forgive the language but that is the most accurate and descriptive appellation I can think of) in all cultures and color, no one has the market on it. And I think all should be equal targets of the generalized humor or none should. The prime minister of oz has a live in boyfriend who is in the news at the moment because he made a comment in a news conference that was considered racist. He was saying that all men over 40 should have a digital prostate exam but they should find a small asian female doctor to do the test. I thought it was funny really, not racist, but we have become so politically correct about these sort of remarks, he just had to issue an apology.

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@Coloma Love the goose. I don’t quite have your life and probably never will, but I am always being referred to as Hippie, from strangers and acquaintances to even family.

Well I liked a lot of the points and I love Fluther cause there were some laughs about this potentially loaded topic. But I think @muppetish hit the nail on the head

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@tinyfaery Who are you talking about? The OP?

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@tinyfaery I thought @chelle21689 is Asian? I don’t think you can lump her in with the crazy white people. Unless I am remembering incorrectly.

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White people are assumed to be racist, that’s a huge stereotype.

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Never mind.

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what? You’ve never heard the expression “white trash”.

And the snobbish opposite end of the spectrum, the WASPS.

Aren’t there enough negative stereotypes of people of ALL colors and ethnicities without dwelling upon them or complaining that there aren’t enough for one particular group?

How about just getting to know people on an individual basis rather than lumping them in with a group?

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What does the second S stand for?

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It’s the plural form of WASP (and perhaps I should not have capitalized the last S :)

Too late to edit.

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Watch 30 minutes of stand up comedy at the Apollo or Off the Chain on BET. You’ll see Blacks making plenty of jokes about Whites’ stereotypical mannerisms from speech and voice to how they walk.

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This is because white guys really do drive better. Didn’t you know that the rednecks are such great drivers where I live that they can drive 90 mph on a snowy/icy road without wrecking?

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Here is an article that sheds some light: I, Racist

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