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Why all the sirens yesterday?

Asked by Jeruba (45823points) February 4th, 2013

I heard an unusual number of sirens in my neighborhood last evening. I associated the noticeably higher incidence with what I assumed were the post-game hours. Here in the Bay Area there were undoubtedly a lot of disappointed fans.

My question: what goes on after a game such as the Superbowl that requires so much attention from police and other emergency services? What are people doing to themselves and each other?

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Probably trodding on an awful lot of sour grapes, although why this would require a police response is beyond me.

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DUI grapes?

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Drunk people, happy or sad. They are sometimes known to get up to shenanigans and into fisticuffs, sometimes in public. ;)

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Some idiots seem to think the only way to celebrate a championship is with a riot. Many of those same idiots think it is the only way to commiserate for losing the same championship game.

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There was a lot of damage done to nearby vehicles and property after the Giants won the World Series. The authoities didn’t want a repeat of that kind of behavior and were making their presence known. The reaction to the loss was much more subdued than expected. All’s well.

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I can’t remember which team or which year but there were riots and cars set on fire and overturned.

In short, I think the authorities would rather be over-prepared than try to play last minute catch up.

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Am I exceptionally naive? I would have thought they’d run their sirens only in response to something and not in anticipation of it. A significant presence of law enforcement vehicles to head off trouble is one thing. Won’t they sound their sirens only after something happens? I was assuming that everything I heard was in response to an incident of some kind.

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I would think the same, @Jeruba. I’m imagining the sirens were mostly in response to minor instances of drunk and disorderly behavior.

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They were probably responding to this. ;-)

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You refer to the “Bay Area.” Maybe life’s more pleasant along the Chesapeake Bay? Ha! Burn!!!

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Usually the “celebrating” and concomitant property damage is much worse after a victory than a loss. So be thankful for small favors.

Or you could make like King Kong and go free climb the TransAmerica tower.

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Sometimes here in Qu├ębec, when our hockey team loses, (which is all the time) people go out and cause trouble. They break things, act up. Nothing too monstrous, but the authorities do have to step in, obviously. I’m not aware of what it’s like in the States for sports, but it could be similar, I guess. But people might be bound to get a little crazy after such a big event, even if they don’t riot. The worse as far as I know are Scotland and Ireland with soccer. Some people have died in the riots, or so I’ve heard anyways.
I certainly don’t understand why people would act like that when it comes to sports, though.

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