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Have you ever posted nude pics of yourself on the internet?

Asked by crazychick (41points) June 11th, 2008

If so, for what reason. Did you enjoy doing it.

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Have you ever posted dumb questions on Fluther?

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I have!!!!
Posted dumb questions obviously, not that other thing

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Ummmmmm, no. Not that I wouldn’t. lol.

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even though my nickname is Rod, i have never

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I wouldn’t because you never know where they’d end up ;-)
(Imagine what would happen if it’d end up with your children later…)

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That’s absolutely true vincentt.

I suppose, however it does depend on how the pictures were taken. As in were they artistic or pornographic?

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No, and even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t admit to it.

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No, but I love to take pictures of other people and put them up on the internet. Not naked of course. I have webcams in all the trees on my street….

(I’m joking, Mr Federal Police officer, sir)

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@osullivanbr – yeah, but then again, would you want to see nude pictures of your parents even if they were artistic?

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@bluemukaki, u really scare me before i see ur ”(I’m joking)”, is ur ”(I’m joking)” a real joking? i guess nobody will do that crazy thing

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@stephen – yo u never know what some people take offense of…

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Why would someone need to post nude pictures of their body for enjoyment? Who knows where the pictures will end up. If you are that fascinated/curious with your body look in the mirror.

@amanda: With a name like crazychic…you never know.

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I don’t know how I would feel to be honest mate. I know what you mean, that whole pre-programmed society view of nudity and all. I really don’t know though. You could very well be right I quess.

I find the notable lack of a response to amanda’s question kinda interesting.

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No way. I know someone who did and they regret it.

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@osullivan – interesting. I know I wouldn’t want to, but then again – why? What’s so gruesome about it? And perhaps by the time I have kids it’s perfectly normal ;-)

Oh, and I guess babygalll’s lack of response was because the question was perhaps directed at crazychick.

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oh no that’s what I’m saying. I find it interesting that crazychick hasn’t responded to amanda’s question…

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@yannick, How on earth is this “a dumb question”? This is actually a very interesting question and, almost more importantly, one that doesn’t appear to have been asked before (which is becoming increasingly rare).

To answer, I’ve never posted photos of myself but I know someone who gave the whole “adult friend finder” thing a try. Supposedly, she posted up a couple photos and a couple weeks later was contacted by an old elementary schoolmate who recognized her. I guess this guy was still in contact with a couple of her friends and passed the photos around via email. Suffice to say: she was not amused. Luckily her friends are really cool people and didn’t perpetuate the ordeal.

So basically, if you’re not ready to have someone you know find them, its probably not a good plan. If you’re comfortable with it, though, that’s entirely your business as far as I care.

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What about me?

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I don’t think the world is ready for that!!!

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Oh my. Confusion on fluther.

OK to recap.

Amanda asked “if crazychick had ever posted any”.
You said back to her “with a name like crazychick you wouldn’t be surprised”.
And then I said to you that “I found it interesting that crazychick hadn’t replied to amanda’s question.

Oh my head hurts now. :-(
I’m gonna lie down for a while

And on with the discussion…

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Maybe crazychick just hasn’t been online on Fluther since she asked the question (not everybody spends their day on Fluther ;-)).

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All I know is that my son’s teacher did a google search for my name and things came up that not everybody needs to see (NO, not nude pics). It was an eye opener for me. I wonder if all my questions and answers come up from Fluther??? Oh my….

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Why on earth was your son’s teacher googling your name if you don’t mind me asking?

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And more importantly, what came up?

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if you lived in my town this wouldnt be a dumb question. im in high school and theres atleast 1 picture of a girl naked every month….you think theyd learn…guess not.

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To all who were offended by my playful comment, I’m sorry. It was a joke. Sort of.

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@ osullivan: don’t mind at all…I guess because I make jewelry and she was looking for my website to see pics.
@ taco: everything from my children’s births to opening my business (getting my bus. license, article written about my store, classes I was teaching, etc.). Also, my public myspace page which is now private.
Just threw me for a loop what is out there…

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Yeah. I have. Enjoyed it. Just wondering was I the only one. Or maybe, I’m the only one being honest. Wink.

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I was dating this fellow a while back who had a pathological interest in all things pornography. Initially, I found it rather fascinating, so I perpetuated his fantasies…..Perhaps it was more akin to ‘morbid curiousity’.
Soooooo…, in the interest of behavioural science, we took semi-nude photos of one another, joined an ‘adult’ sex/dating/mating site and posted our pics; each of us establishing separate accts. and anon. identities.

Within a week, my profile had received over 1000 hits…..and a slew of mail.
His….........less than 10.
I pulled my account (at his insistence).
He kept his (in secrecy).
I exited the relationship….very soon after.

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yes. I’ve put them on Adult Friend Finder.I don’t have any gross things hanging off me so what if someone I know sees it

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Yes. Because I love to see other people nude I feel that there might be people who want to see me nude. Actually I like to show off in sexy outfits. So, over the years I have posted many nude pictures of myself. Some show me just naked. On some pictures I am wearing fetish outfit. I enjoy the imagination of causing arousal while being watched. But what if a friend recognises me? So what. Because they are all on adult sites, he would be feigning if he would be appalled to see me naked.

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I think there are some.

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