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It keeps things interesting and flatters me. I love it!

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love it too

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I use my brain.

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Shake shake shimmy shimmy

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I’m with ezraglenn on this one, at some point my brain was involved.

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I love when it tells me it has a crush on me – so cute!
This was without a doubt one of the best posts on Fluther I’ve seen.

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I came up with two of them!

There was a contest a month or two ago. It was fun as hell! That is one great thing about Fluther, “They are interested in our opinions, and let us help Fluther become better!”

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thanx wildflower, i must say its really wisdom and brilliant a function of this site!

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I had one make it in the contest! I love the greetings.

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@Bulb; check out Wildflower’s link (look up). G

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I wish they added them to the iPhone site.

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What I love most about them is that they spell “you” y-o-u and not u.

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@kevbo – hell yeah!

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They crack Babo up!!!

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Witty and wonderful :-)

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I love it! :-D

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Am I the only person that gets weird ones?

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I can’t remember having seen that one for me. I guess you’re special :)
Or perhaps they have different greetings if you have more points. If not, they should add that :)

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@johnpowell: were you calling me? Oops, probably not…my mix-up (happens lots). wtf

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It’s one of my favorite features of the site.

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I just joined and I absolutely LOVE it! It is so unique and it adds a certain positive feel to the day :) They are so stinkin funny.

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I enjoy that it’s kind of personal without going overboard. It’s different, but fun!

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i like the greetings too. They are fun and refreshing. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a virtual site unabashedly flirting with you? Though right now, mine is telling me I have something in my teeth.

@ jp – hahahahhahahaha. i have never gotten that one.

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I agree with wildflower. It was alot of fun doing the greeting contest. It’s my favorite over all thread too.

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@johnpowell , OMG! :D congratulations!,

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@ johnpowell, LOL!!! Haha, How excited you must be. (Weird is an understatement!)

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I love being Fluthered – I mean Flattered! :-)

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They’re terribly clever. I enjoy them all! ;)

(yes, yes…some of them are mine)

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I think its quant

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quant=quaint, I suppose? ;)

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nice greetings

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Ok. Keeps asking me to validate email everytime I open app, but apart from that great.

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