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Anyone here have or plan to have a "This is My Body" segment on YouTube?

Asked by ETpro (34415points) February 14th, 2013

This 5 minute video compilation shows women telling you some things that are absolutely none of your business. But after watching it, you might just want to add your voice to theirs. What saith thou?

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Oh boy..look out. They’re on the warpath!
Especially that one in the dark blue top, wow she has attitude

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That. Was. Awesome.

Hell yes, I’ll do it.

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What a great, and powerful, video. Pity the people who need to see it never will.

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I will post a link on Facebook today, wish I could do it from work.

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That’s awesome.

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That was weird. I mean, why do you yell when you’re preaching to the converted? And why do you yell at people who don’t agree with you, since that’s the best way to get them to stop listening to you.

Maybe it’s a rallying cry, but I don’t understand what it is trying to accomplish. Who is this aimed at? I can’t think of an audience other than perhaps women like them, who would appreciate it, but they already agree. Maybe it gives others the strength to stand up somewhere else? If so, where… and how?

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@wundayatta I was wondering the same thing. Why is she mad at me? I’m on her side!
Will the ones who actually need to see it even bother?

On the other hand, maybe this is good for women to watch so they will pick up ideas and methods to express themselves more clearly when the situation arises.

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@wundayatta That is a good point. I can’t think of anything more annoying than being shouted at when someone is trying to express their opinion. It makes me wonder if they’d sooner punch people in the face instead of shouting at a camera.

Agree with the last bit from @LuckyGuy, I can see how it could be valuable to those women who would probably need some kind of inspiration or direction, but really the next question goes back to the original point of who wants to be shouted at when they can already hear the person doing the talking? That’s worse than listening to someone finding ten different ways to make the same point across in quick succession. If it’s not annoying, it’s only worth ignoring. I guess that is subjective though, as some people really are just not capable of listening to others when anyone else would more readily listen to someone conversing in a calm and collected manner.

That said, sometimes ranting wildly about some things can be called for, but I don’t think it’s really suitable in this particular instance. Maybe it is supposed to be empowering for the women who might watch it, but I don’t see how being ranted at via camera is going to be a rallying cry to be honest.

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Is that really what passes for a rant these day?

Should they be more apologetic in their ownership of their bodies? “Hope I don’t offend you, but I’m claiming my own bodily autonomy if it’s ok with you.” That’s just bizarre. I know that most of us here already support these rights, but the fact is that this is still an idea that challenges mainstream culture and it is certainly undermined legally at both the state and national level in the States. You have to be loud and defiant if you want people to take notice and understand you’re serious.

Hell. Both the civil rights fight of the 60’s and and the movement for gay rights were punctuated by violent confrontation. And like that or not you can’t say things like Stonewall didn’t have powerful consequences. Surely the video is well with in the green for activism. Obviously the suffragettes were regarded as distastefully aggressive in their day. But looking back, do you honestly think they were out of line or just doing what activists always do: Making themselves heard.

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@wundayatta @SamandMax Who are they yelling at?! Who do you think they’re yelling at? They’re yelling at the dumbass legislatures who are trying to take away a million extremely personal rights, targeting women in particular. What don’t you get?

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If that’s who they are yelling at, then they must want to achieve the opposite of what they are trying to achieve. There’s anger and then there’s strategy. Most people, when yelled at, don’t want to do what the yeller wants. They tend to go out of their way to do the opposite. So I don’t think that’s who the audience is.

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It is part of a campaign by the pro-abortion group Center on Reproductive Rights. The group says it is suppose to educate people on reproductive rights and fight “systemic complementarianism.”

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To those who feel the women are yelling or being too aggressive, do you prefer women to be quiet and demure and not bother you with their rights?

I have no problem with that, I think it is excellent, I put it on fb and told all the younger women they should watch it and realize they don’t need a boyfriend to be complete.

Thank you @ETpro for bringing it to my attention.

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I loved it…very empowering! Posted to Facebook, too.

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I can see if being empowering for other women. I can not see it being effective in achieving the goal they want.

It’s the reason people use to justify moderators on fluther. Keep things polite. Don’t want to scare people away or make anyone feel bad.

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Well for a group that is supposed to be educating people, I know that if I want educating about something, I don’t want it done as if I’m deaf.

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@wundayatta Wanna bet. There are legislators you can’t convince by cajoling or condemning. But make their maleficence known, and they don’t have to be convinced. In a democracy, they can simply be rendered irrelevant. That process is underway and gaining steam.

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I think that is the point, women need to be empowered. A woman trained in martial arts is a match for a guy twice her size but unless she is trained she doesn’t know it. I have seen women turn into jello when the old man walks out the door and it is a laugh because she has been the driving force in the family all along and didn’t know it, she will be fine without him. Women don’t have to accept domestic abuse, be sex workers, take low paying jobs, etc. they have power but many don’t know it.

And @wundayatta you sound like a fluther mod, you want these women to be polite, don’t scare or upset anyone and I see it just the opposite. I am thinking good on ya for shouting and letting everyone know just how strong you are. And if someone doesn’t like the yelling, I would say too bad!!!

This reminds me of a guy who used to fluther and in a question regarding women and rape or abuse, it was suggested women be trained in martial arts. His response was that he wouldn’t allow his daughters to participate because it would destroy their femininity. Sad isn’t it, this societal idea of femininity and how it is used to keep women in line and manageable.

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It’s all been said and done before what has it changed?

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It’s certainly possible that yelling and screaming will get legislators to change their opinions, but I doubt it.

@rooeytoo I think yelling and screaming should be used on attackers, not friends. When you use it on friends, you tend to lose them. I don’t care if you are male or female. And let’s face it, the only people looking at this are going to be friends.

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Hm. Punk Rock music gained many supporters for their cause by yelling at the choir.

I was just listening to some Suicidal Tendencies this morning. After almost 30 years, the generation that listened to Suicidal in their heyday remember the lyrics of “Institutionalised” or “You Can’t Bring Me Down” and aren’t being so damn hard on their own kids. For better or worse, the message lives on.

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@wundayatta It is extremely frustrating to be a woman right now. I understand why they are yelling. Men might not get that as much. When I think about these issues and my own abortion I want to scream bloody murder at these dumb sons of bitches that think they can control anyone else’s body and decisions but their own. It is absolutely ridiculous. They should be yelling.

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great movie… should be watched by all women.

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@wundayatta I think the point @ETpro is trying to make is that this isn’t aimed at getting legislators to change their opinions. It’s aimed at getting women to raise their voices and vote those legislators out (rendering them irrelevant). I think it does an excellent job.

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@augustlan That makes more sense.

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@wundayatta What @augustlan said is exactly what I was getting at. Women are now the largest single voting block, and a true majority. They have to power.

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